Hmarchhak Thalai te tan 3D Animation zir theih

Aizawl | Feb 15, 2023: Ministry of Information & Broadcasting leh North Eastern Council tangkawp chuan thalaite tan Animation, Visual effects and gaming training a buatsaih dawn a.

He training hi Delhiah neih a ni dawn a, thla 6 chhung a awh anga, training chhung hian zirlai te chu ei leh in leh awmna tur tum sak vek an ni ang.

Hre chiang duh tan dilna chu ah en theih a ni.

hriatturte: (english in kan dah mai.)
Submitting this form does not ensure the selection of the application and the final decision will be solely based on the results of the Online Creative Aptitude Test (date will be announced shortly)
Application fees: Rs. 1000/- (Non Refundable)
The course will commence from 6th March 2023
Duration of the program is 6 + 2 Months ( 6 months of coursework and 2 Months of Internship)
The coursework to include 240 hours of theory plus 480 hours of practical sessions
This application is open only to individuals from Northeast India
Once selected, the candidate will join this residential program, featuring free food, accommodation, and a laptop.
Candidates must bear their own costs for travelling to and from their home states to New Delhi. If they choose to return home during the course for any reason, they will need to pay for the expenses themselves.
The Management reserves the right to change or modify the rules and regulations at its own discretion.
On commencement of the scheduled batch, you will have to attend the lectures regularly with a minimum of 90% attendance. Students are required to arrive at the Academy punctually at their respective batch timings.
Guaranteed job placement support will be offered for candidates who complete the program successfully
For any query please call on- +919899518666 or send the Email at
NFDC retains the right to utilize, publish, and print the student's name and personal information for marketing and promotional purposes. The student's employment and professional details may also be utilized on a selective basis. The submissions of students, including their work, images, and showreels, grant NFDC the right to use them for various purposes such as marketing, operational needs, demonstration, or any other purpose not mentioned in the document. The rights to the student's submitted work are absolute, unrestricted, and non-debatable.

Technical Support
Each participant shall receive a laptop worth Rs.1 Lakh (Ryzen 7 or Intel Core i7+Graphic Card with 1 Year of warranty) plus course-based software(s).

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