'Best of the Best PUC' India rama college ṭha 45-na

Aizawl | July 15, 2022: Pachhunga University College (PUC) chu National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in India rama zirna in ranking a siam tharah India rama college ṭha 45na a ni.

Ranking thar ber hi vawiin khan National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) hian tichhuakin, PUC hi hmarchhak state zinga India rama college ṭha top 100 a lang thei awm chhun a ni.

"Because I say ‘PUC is best of the best' "tia chham ṭhintute'n college ṭha an nih zia an tilang zel a, Mizoram tan, Mizo hnam tan mel lung pawimawh tak a ni.

Hetihlai hian University zingah Mizoram University chu 78-na a ni bawk.

NIRF hian July ni 15, 2022 (Zirtawpni) khan India rama zirna in sangte dinhmun an zir chianna thar ber (NIRF Ranking 2022) chu New Delhi-ah Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan chuan a tlangzarh a. He Ranking-ah hian Pachhunga University College chu 45-na niin Top 100 zingah hian India Hmarchhak (North East States) zingah PUC hi a lang awm chhun an ni

We came from the valley deep
Marchin’ up the road to win
Shakin every heart we meet
By our ‘Learning and Service’
Hand in hand we stand a firm
So come hell or high water
Here we are the number one
Ain’t no one that holds us down
Because I say ‘PUC is best of the best'

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