Lawngtlaiah online delivery service tihchangtlun dan tur sawi ho

Aizawl Ramtuk thla ni 4, 2022: Vawiin khan Lawngtlai DC Conference Hall-ah Bawrhsap Dr Andrew H. Vanlaldika hovin Lawngtlai khawpui chhunga delivery service-te'n ralchah dawr kal tlanga thil chahte a chahtute kawtkaia an pek zel theihna tur leh dan dik taka kalpui a nih theih nana hma lakna tur leh hmasawnna tur hrang hrangte sawi ho a ni.

He hunah hian FCS&CA leh Legal Metrology lam hotute, consumer association hruaitute, tlawmngai pawl ai awhte leh Lawngtlai khawpui chhunga delivery agency hrang hrang ai awhte an tel a. Additional Deputy Commissioner Pu James Miahlung chuan mipuiin an thil chah chungchanga harsatna an tawh thin hrang hrangte tar langin, felfai zawka thil kalpui a nih theih nan ngunthluk taka sawi ho a pawimawh tih a sawi a. Member-te leh delivery agency lam atangin harsatna leh thil hriat fuh loh palh awm thin hrang hrang tar lan niin, harsatna tam zawk sut kian a nih theih nana hma lak dan tur sawi ho zui a ni.

He huna ralchah dawr kal tlanga thil chah chungchanga customer-te hriat tur leh delivery agency-te inkaihhruaina chungchang tar lante chu mipuiin an hriat chian theih nan zau zawka puanzar ni se, tih a ni a. Delivery chungchangah felfai zawka thil kalpui a nih theih nan tan lak thar ni se, tih a ni bawk.
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