NT Lalbiakkima'n IBA Intercontinental belt a hreng!

Aizawl | August 6, 2021: Mumbai-a  IBA Intercontinental Title fight neih zawh takah 'Zo keite' NT Lalbiakkima chuan a tumpui chu technical knockout hmanga hnehin IBA Intercontinental Champion a ni.

Marine promotions hnuaia IBA Intercontinental Title fight neih zawh takah 'Zo keite' NT Lalbiakkima chuan Sandeep Singh chu round hnihnaah technical knockout hmanga hnehin Indian boxer zinga IBA Intercontinental Champion hmasa ber a ni ta.

NT Lalbiakkima hi a chak satliah a ni mai lo, a tumpui Sandeep Singh hian a sualpui ngam tawh thlawt lo a ni! tiin thudawnna chuan a tarlang.

Mizoram tihmingthatu NT Lalbiakkima IBA Intercontinental Title nena a lo haw tur hian lawmpui a ngah a, chu mai bakah a pa duhthusam tipuiltling tura Navy chhuahsana a beihna leh tumruhna te hi chhuanawm ti an tam a, "mittui a ko," tia sawi an tam hle a ni.

Mizo te lawm zawk tak; nawr bian bian chi, hnek miah miah chi a ni. A hlau lo thei em em a, a tum pui te hi a cho viau zel. Olympic Gold medalist, Hasanboy te kha a hneh mai a.

NT Lalbiakkima hian hnehna a chan zawh hian a pa a hrechhuak a ni ngei ang, vawiin tlai khan a pa thlalak post-in a thurawn vanga a lawmzia a sawi chhuak. Tin, a nu leh a coach te chungah pawh lawmthu a sawi bawk a ni.

"Helo , dad, thank you so much for your advice and today victory . I know you watching over me and very proud of me, love you dad and thank you my mom for your support, and thank you SR DR muanpuia for you adopted me , take care me in everything,,support and love Sir 🙏, i just want a say is, this is just a beginning, let focus on future 🥊🥊"

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