Purple roses on an illicit sky,
Like a bird fluttering oblivion, trying to seek the way back home yet astray,
Lost in the illicit stream under the illicit sky, Forcefully swept to bath in the ocean,
No less an ever closing well of boundless; No brawn nor might, miniature of the sky,
 Longing the night before the transition, Yet who can pause the force of nature? Yet what transitions are we facing upon, Fail to disregard, Hard to elucidate,
The deep purple sky whisper my reflection, Leaves dwindle;
Weeping the mourn which ne’er bygone,
The stage of the Opera they entitled;
Yet what if it’s the sole ammunition of one’s narration of the reflection, Let by gone be by gone;
Let noises danced through the wind, Never will it bear a storm,
Yet still I stare the reflection of my own, Better be certain ensue,
Take honest, thunder bear the blooms, Yet I glean an echo at a distant, “Ignorance could be a bliss”,
Yet would fallen leaves escape, Dry! Far away from the ocean, Dry!
Yet will I glean an echo of candor? Behind the deep purple sky,
Be gentle to your solitary embodiment;
 Strive for best yet yearn for truth,
Yet will I fade away in the purple sky? 
Never to be heard by the wind again, 
A deep shallow of olden echo.

About the poem:
Purple denotes sorrow. The poem goes like this. Like a lost bird we wander around above the deep ocean. When someone come to tell us about our true colour, we tend to lose our leaves more like a tree losing its leave when the wind takes it turn. What if showing my sorrow is my way of telling my story? What will people say by telling the version of my own story on the world platform to be heard by the fellows. Anyway if knowing your true self means truth even if it hard, just like a storm needs to take it turn before a clear sky. But what happen if we don’t heard our true self, sometimes ignorance is good. If the truth torments will I ever be able to redeem myself.

Larry Lalruatfela Hangsing,
2005BA275, B.A (Political Science), 2nd Semester

3rd Prize in Poetry Writing Competition (English) Organised by Students Union of Govt Aizawl North College, 2021

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