Looking at the night sky,
Full of shining stars.
Up above the world so high;
Glow a moon with many scars.

Keeper of the dark nights,
Act as a lamp of hope.
His cold, lonely lights;
Carries the fading memories to revoke.

A friend for the lonesome,
Listening to millions of woe;
A secret keeper for some,
And a good listener for one.

On this silent night,
Even the sorrow moon hide
Behind his soft light;
All his unseen dark side.

Having the deepest scars,
It still glows right;
Among the happiest twinkling stars,
Just to give hope, with its dim lights.

Be like the moon that still shines;
With its deepest scars.

Red House, IV Semester
Govt Aizawl North College

2nd Prize in Poetry Writing Competition (English) Organised by Students Union of Govt Aizawl North College, 2021

In Association with - EXPLORE MIZORAM

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