Not was I made into being,
But am a child of two.
Not what I stole nor was I blessed,
But was given by beings of two.
Never will come a day,
I am called a ‘well-to-do’ man;
Neither will come a day,
A day I could say
“I am a wealthy man!”
‘Cause there’s no blessings to follow me.
But of this I’m sure,
Never will come a day
That I’ve run out of songs to sing;
In my heart lies the deepest lines,
In my mind lies the deepest philosophies.
Nowhere else can I find that
But in me.
Perhaps nothing to some,But everything to me.
Caught softly in a disastrous wind,
Flinching eyes filling with tears;
I’ve come to understood joy.
Drowned placidly in an angry sea,
Sinking eyes turning red;
I’ve come to understood peace.
Stuck aimlessly in a broken road,
Aching feet hardly walks;
I’ve come to understood home.
And in the depths of hell we are living in,
I have found heaven in me.
Destined to die;
I have found wonders in this world.
I have learnt to cherish,
I‘ve come to know bliss,
I have learnt to embrace,
That there’s nothing to replace.
Of the only thing I am sure of;
That is Life!
I want to live!
I want to live.

- C Lalṭanpuia, 6th Sem, Blue House
Govt. Aizawl North College

1st  Prize in Poetry Writing Competition (English) Organised by Students Union of Govt Aizawl North College, 2021

In Association with - EXPLORE MIZORAM

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