LOVE LETTER: Dear Roxanne!

 Dear Roxanne,
                            How are you my love? I hope you are fine because I've been praying for you everyday, everytime for you to have a well healthy life. I've missed you so so much that I could barely count the numbers up to eight. Yes, that's the number of letters on the words 'I Love You'.
                             Last night, I saw you in my dreams and I really felt you. But the sad part was it was only your ghost. It really hurts me to feel only your ghost and it just makes me more lonely, but on the bright side, it was the only chance I could see you. Oh your gorgeous hair, your beautifully pleasant body, your magnificent blue eyes and most of all, to feel your kind heart.
                             I started missing you ever since the day I boarded the train for College. I waved at you and you waved back. Oh I could not forget that proud face yours for me to go to college. You showed me your beautiful genuine smile and I started melting like an ice in a hot temperature.
                               I'm so sad that our good times did not last for long, I wish it could be more. I really wanted to be with you again and watch the sunset at the beach, ride again after midnight and let the good times roll. I can't get you out of my head. You were always on my mind.
                              I really wish that i could feel that soft touch at my face with your lips again. When I'm nervous, you kissed me and all my fear is gone. I really needed your kiss again to stop me from shaking. I really do need you today, Oh Roxanne. I'm really really hungry for your love, your touch, your care, your smile and everything that makes me happy. I couldn't hold myself together without you. So, I need you now tonight and I need you more than ever. And if you only hold me tight, we'll be holding on forever. I don't ask for more, I asked for your love only.
                             But the time will come again when we will be together again. And i can proudly say to you that nothings gonna change my love for you. No-one ever matches you and none will ever will be like you. You're the only one in my heart.
                             I still remember the first day I saw you. It was at the grocery store, I was speechless, I lost all my words and I knew right away that you were the Angel sent down from heaven for me. You were the one that I wished for at the shooting stars. And my star shines right on. I'm so glad that I met you and I do not wanna lose you. You make me feel like it's raining outside that makes me not feel like going out but to stay with you at the bed.
                             When I'm with you, there's nothing that I wouldn't do. i just wanna make you mine forever and I just wanna be your only one. I would sacrifice everything for you. When tou are with me I feel like I'm the king of the world. With you, we'll fly above all the others through eternity.
Yours Lovingly
John McAllen

- John B Lalruatdika
Green House, II Sem,

1st position -in Love Letter Writing Competition (English) Organised by Students Union of Govt Aizawl North College, 2021

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