Education is a process of imparting or acquiring knowledge,developing the powers of reasoning and judging.It prepares oneself or others intellectually for mature life.It improves not the personal life of the people but alse their community.It is derived from Latin word "Educare",which means to train or to mind.
      Education is a weapon and most important tool to change one's life or a country.Education begins at home.It is a lifelong process that ends with death.Education certainly determines the quality of an individual's life.It improves one's knowledge ,skills and develops the personality and attitude.A highly educated individual is probably very likely to get a good jobs.It is extremely important for employment.Uneducated poeple are probably at huge disadventage when it comes to job.It seems  like many penurious improve their lives with the help of education .It helps in spreading knowledge in society.This is perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of Education.Their is a quick propagation of knowledge in an educated society.Furthermore,there is a transfer of knowledge from generation to another by Education.It helps in the development and innovation of technology.Most noteworthy,the more the education,the more technology will spread.Important developments in war equipment,medicine,computers,take place due to education.According to Person,57 million children do not have any idea about what it's like to be in a classroom.Millions more are getting an education,but not learning effectively.Studies show clearly that 65%  of the children's personality development is the 0-60 age range.This researge re-emphasizes the importance of the family in the child's personality development.Education is the process of acquiring knowledge and information that guide to a successful future.As discussed above,there are a lot of positive traits of having education,such as having a good career,having a good status in society and having self-confidence.Education makes us view obstacles as challenges to overcome with no fear;facing new things It is the main factor behind successful people and the merit of develop countries.Therefore,education is deemed a real success behind any future success.
    *Awakening for the quality of higher education*
      The world had been awakening on the importance of education,many countries have reached a level of educational develooment where one may feel left out without a post-secondary level of education.While research evidence in the 1960s and the 1970s showed that investing in education is rewarding,evidence in the 1990s show that investing in higher education contributes higher rates of economic growth and social returns.The major challenge facing higher education systems the world over is to improve the quality of an expanding system.Most countries have set up external quality assurance mechanism to accredit institutions and established internal quality assurance cells to monitor quality at instititional levels.The firstly main aim was the quality at institutional levels.The firstly main aim was the quality of education,the university ranking exercises and national initiatives to establish world-class universities   are mani-festations of increased interest in the quality of higher education.
       Qualities and standards have become global bencgmarks to assess learning outcomes of national higher education system across countries.
    *Changing education level by changing profile of India's population*
        India was awaked by the general education.The population growth since 1951 shows,though the absolute number has been increasing over the years,the decadal growth rate has been falling-India felt that this could be attributed to better education levels and rising incomes which stem from the impact or more than two decades of liberalization.In general,study on the population of different states according to the working age group of 25 to 59 years have been rising over the past two decades,as the proportion of illiterate people drop and those with diplomas and graduate degrees rise.Further study shows that from India's working age population (15-64)years continue rise in the level of an educate individuals,the study also shows that the 'dependency ratio'-the ratio of children (0-14)years and the elderly (65-100)years to  those education level have been falling.So,the focus of a developing country like India was to change the profile of distribution of education  level according to the age group.They apply gender quality it reflected in different ways,the sex ratio has been improving in the last few dacades,though it continue to be worse in 1951 till now.Literacy rate of both male and female having decreased,a significant gender gap exists.Typically women have a higher likelihood of dropping out from educational institutions.Existing research shows that marriage is an associated with their dropping out fron education.GenerLEducation maintained gender equality for women studies as "Educating women is educating the whole family".
        In the modern era technical  education ia the part of the main core of education,the new generation students are 'net' generation learning depend more on online mode than on the library resources and printed books.
     The Education system provides Formal,Non-formal an Information education.Formal education or formal learning usually takes place in the premises of the school,where a person may leen basic,academic,or takes skills.It is the framework set by individual boards of education.The orderly learning environment includes educational institutions,classrooms,specially trained teachers,teaching equipment,extra-curricular activities,competitions,examinations and a curriculum or syllabus.Formal education,as the name suggests,is very structured in natures as proper guidelines are laid,and the students are expected to work hnder guidelines.A proper chronologically designed structure based on the hierarchy is followed.Informal education is the type of knowledge that one gains through several life experiences.This knowledge can be the one that we obtain from our parents and elders.Individual necessary skills of life that are important for survival and sustenance comes under this category.It does not contain the theoretical knowledge of the books.The most excellent teacher of informal education is the experience and encounters that one faces throughout their life.Home-schooling is also one of the most exceptional examples of friendly education practices,it free from the various and restrictions.There are no exams,and no complicated curriculum is followed.Non-Formal education is one that is framed according to the requirement of a particular job.This type of training is not considered as a necessity but more of a skill.Such kind of education should be promoted more as they are proficient in catering to industrial needs.A proper framework can be developed in making this education more mainstream.It is the education imparted outside the educational forum.It describes the varied educational activities conducted for better and reform growth.Non-formal education embraces ascribed cources  established by institutions.It generally focuses on learning outside the conventional school system.
   *Educational scenario in Mizoram*
       The educational scenario in Mizoram today as viewed from the angle of literacy is very promising-at 91.58% and stands 2nd among the states in India,next only to Kerela,according to the 2011 Census.It is really not a figure we can much be proud of as education should be viewed from the angle of its contribution in improving the quality of life the people and thereby eradicating poverty and accelerating econimic growth,in which Mizoram is lagging behind.The results in the increase in unemployed graduates every year.The first formal education was started in 1894 by two British Christian Missionaries at Aizawl.They taught only  two select students whom they could trust for further teaching and their own evangelism.The first government scjool was started in 1897 at Aizawl.The first middle school opened in 1906,and secondary school in 1944.
      Before education reached Mizoram,Mizo's tribes are known as head hunters ,the Mizo religion just like other religions of tribal ethnic groups appears ceremonies and sacrifies.It is also seen that they believe on retribution in one form or another after the enemies were killed.The primeval Mizo religion was perhaps 300 years old and had Gods and spirits.The celestial being was "Pu Vana"(Father of Heaven),"Vanhrika"(Heavenly being)."Vanchung Nula"(Damsel the heaven)was active and has contract with the human beings.These celestial beings was highly revered in the traditional Mizo society as these celestial being had good contact with the human beings.They  believe in khuanu means "Mother of nature".She is the wife of "Pathian" and is benevolent to human.She was believed tonbe the goddess who always blessed humankind as a mother does.They believed in other like khuavang,khaltu a guardian spritit,ramhuai spirit of the forest,hmuithla spirit that trouble human beings and animals,phung that causes huamn to suffer from insanity and epilepsy,khawlhring sprits bewitched food and drinks.If someone believed to be possesed by "Khawlhring" killing that person was almost legal.The study reveals that the Mizo's had a traditional religion of their own.The primeval religion was full of God's Gods and spirit.The primeval religion was full of Gods and spirits.These spirits are divided into two,good spirits and bad spirits.Good spirits are the one who  do good to human or at least did not harm them,on the other hand the bad spirtis are harmful and even  fatal at times.They also haunt for human and animals.The Mizo's had a great fear for the evil spirits and offered sacrifies to escape than their evil eye.
However,they had a presentation of everything that happen in the society.Every sphere of their life is connected to spirits,either good or bad.Though the Mizo's had no education during the pre-British days,they had a novel way of making their men,it was mandary on all Mizo youths over age 15 to stay in Bachelors's dormitories,known as Zawlbuk where they received education.The Mizo's who developed a new outlook under Christian influence,felt their own homes were a better place for their young generations they slowly abandoned the Zawlbuk after the first school was establish in McDonald Hill,Aizawl on April 1894.
    *modernisation of Education in Mizoram*
      We are living in the situation of advanced 21st centur,currenty everything is now technological items,social media,television,gaming etc.We could not abandon the advancement they are linked to our everyday life cycle like a food-chain,so it can be used in a bad or good ways.The development are swift due to scientist skills,there is more a huge gap betwixt the penurious and the rich ones.The main aim of education "Quality of education" is now scarce a degree can be sold without formal education in different  illegal areas.Mizoram is one of the highest educated after Kerela.But true education is scarce unemployed degree holders are rise,we need to tranform a quantity education to quality education.
Mizoram need a quality education,not by recollecting the words understanding education needs to be first priority not to the marks.Development does not need marks it needs a quality a skill educated individual for solving the problems of a scarcity life.Mizoram needs to go back to the origin of education the quality not quantity only that can change the nation.Everything are technologies we need to read a book,social media influencing does not lead much to success a modernization leads a student indolent.They used social media more than books they spend their time on phones,by refusing wisdom crafty books.They develop quantity rather than quality,the system of Mizoram education level is failed espicially under graduate students.
    Education is the main core a ray of light in the darkness for every religion.It certainly is a hope for a good life.Education is a basic right of every Human on this Planet.To deny this right is evil.Uneducated youth is the worst thing for Humanity.Above all,the governments of all countries must ensure to spread Education. 
   "Education is the key to seccess".

- C Malsawmkimi, Red house, 4th semester, 

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