On the beautiful world that we lived in, there is a perfect harmony. The Earth is kind enough to give us everything for free and provides us with endless goods. But, how do we repay? By destroying the Earth itself? There are lots of harmful and danger creatures. But, the most dangerous creature to ever exist on Earth is the man ourselves.
            Humankind are destroying and erasing the beloved Earth itself. The Earth allowed to cut down her trees, but, we are too selfish that we chopped off the trees we do not need. Yep, that's right people! We cut down trees until we're exhausted. What a grueling behaviour right?
            So, what happens after all this? Well, you've guessed it right. The Great Tragic came "Climate Change".
            Yes, climate change is a real thing. Some fools are still arguing with this saying "Climate Change is not real". What is going through their head? I mean if climate change is not real, the world's temperature would be at constant point. There will never be cold when it is hot and neither there will never be hot when it's cold. This is physically impossible. These people who have a thought that way really needs to wake up. They really need to wake up before chimpanzee out smarted them.
            Okay, straight to the point. Who caused Climate Change? The answer is simple. It is caused by human ourselves. We effected the lives of nature. We disturbed the lives of nature. Our very own existence destroyed the planet.
            At first, man started out by being a caveman and chopped off woods for shelter and fire. Yes, that does not harm at all. But as man became more developed, he knows how to make more things and turns out he made useless things further. To complete his making, he cut down more trees and turned them into useless things. He's just wasting an excessive amount of woods on what he don't even need. So, man needs to stop cutting down trees for making useless stuffs like pen holder. Yes, nobody really needed a pen-holder. We could just carry our pen inside our own pocket.
            As man cuts down trees, there us less amount supply of oxygen. So, the Earth gets warmer and polar ice-caps from Antarctica started to fall. Which made the world a lot more warm and hotter.
            And there we know who started it all.
           Firstly, do you feel cold right now it's June? No! Right? Anyone who feels cold at this particular time in 2021 really needs to have a Rapid Antigen Test. Yeah, if they are feeling cold right now, they probably got the virus.
            What I'm really trying to say is nowadays the weather is very hot. It is so hot that even if you drop a raw egg on the middle of the road, it'll fry itself. 
            The Climate Change it to a really hot one and it freaks everybody out out of their mind. Sometimes when there is no electric supply, people started to freak out because they can't use the fan and take bath to cool off though there is a scarcity of water. Some even get fever because of being in the water for too long.
            But sometimes it rained a little by little and it cools off the weather a little bit. But again, sometimes it is cloudy, it looks like it's gonna rain a thunder storm. But the weather just fools everyone and it does not really rain. It fooled us like the little shepherd boy who fooled the town people by screaming "Wolf" but there ain't none.
            Yes, that was all climate change. The world's weather is a climate. When it is raining or sunny or overcast, it ain't permanent. Nothing in this life is permanent and everyone should know that. The weather does not stay permanent, it gradually changed time after time and again come back. That's what climate change is.
            We're living on Earth and changing our stations to Mars or whatever other planet that exist does not mean "Climate Change". On the one we're living, growing and learning also do have a climate change. To experience a climate change you don't have to go to other continent. "Climate change" happens everytime around us.
            So, my actual point is "Climate Change" is real. And I do not looked up from any books of knowledge or the internet. I'm writing it from my own common sense. Yeah, even Donald Trump knows that Climate Change is real.
            So, if it's raining but suddenly it becomes sunny again or if it goes the other way around. That's all Climate Change and that's how it's suppose to be and it is how God made the Earth.

- John B Lalruatdika
Green House
B.A II Semester, Govt Aizawl North College

Education improves one's life.It gives a person the knowledge and helps to survive in Modern technology. In a sensible words,it makes a human powerful,it helps to understand the process of life.

3rd  Prize in Article Writing Competition (English) Organised by Students Union of Govt Aizawl North College, 2021

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