I’m out of words and I do not know what I’m going to write. You know your old man is such a bad writer and especially worse in expressing himself. But hold on because here it goes. While I’m writing down this letter, I think about you and your enchanting smile. It is the most beautiful thing in the world. You gave me the true meaning of life and teach me how to love. This poor guy bleeding heart is at your feet darling. Oh, how I wish you are here with me in my arms. The sweet scent of your cologne, the sound of your laughter, those sparkling deep blue ocean eyes, the way you called me honey, the way you hold yourself and present yourself, I miss all of those from the bottom of my heart. God knows there hasn’t been a day spent without thinking of you. You are the first thing on mind when I wake up and the last thing on my mind before I sleep. Darling your love keeps me going and I am sure that this love will go on living for forever. Oh, how lucky I am that a guy like me found true love in this chaotic world. I often got lost in my thoughts wondering what good deeds have I done to deserve such a beautiful wife.
The radio is playing our song, ‘Till the end’ and it takes me back to time where you were lying next to me and I fell in love all over again. All I longed for is that you are here by my side. I still remember the first day we went out on our date. You wore the yellow silk dress with that round shape white hat and that was when I have fallen head over heels for you. I mumbled , ‘I have to marry her, I got to marry her, I have to’ but I did not say it out loud because I’m afraid you would find me creepy and run away besides how foolish of me that I didn’t listen when my friends told me to buy a new shirt for the date. I didn’t know that my friends were going to set me up with an angel. God, how afraid I was, fearing that you would reject me. But heaven have heard my prayers and gave me an opportunity to be with you, my love. The day we went to that cinema hall, the legendary, ‘The Godfather’ was on roll except that I caught my eyes staring at you the whole movie. You are so beautiful, my love. I thanked God everyday for giving me you.
I still remember the taste of your lips when we had our first kiss, it felt like I was reborn. Oh, how I miss those tender, soft, sweet lips. If I had known that I will have to go to the war just after our wedding, I would have spent more time with you. Oh, my love how I wish I could come home to you. You are the star-crossed of my heart and I am forever grateful to meet you in my life. My love, do you believe in miracles? Because I do believe that our love could create miracles and much more and I believe that we will meet again one day, one time and I will hold you forever, never to let go again no matter what. My love, I’m sorry for not being there by your side, you are my one and only dreams and how I hope that this letter never gets to you because if it does that means I am dead. But my love, I am sure that our love will let us meet each other again one day and I will be waiting for you my love. But my love, there is one last request I have and I truly wish you accept it. Oh dear, my love please promise me that you have to find a new love again in this lifetime and that you’ll smile again and
laughs again. I give you wholeheartedly my blessings my love. I will always be there for you, watching upon you and I can’t see you sad. My love, I am truly grateful for giving me your time and to be a part of your life, you gave me forever within a countable number of days and those were the happiest day in my life. My love, I love you, I do, with all my heart. Here’s a gift for you, I am neither a poet nor a writer but I am the man who gets to love you and here is my poem. 

You are my everything, I LOVE YOU, LIVE, LOVE AND STAY HAPPY.
 Like seasons takes its turn Winter, summer, fall and spring
So does my life entangled: entangles with your seasons.
It was in the summer, I met my first love as I recalled
But was that legit now?
It was in the winter I met “The One” I said to myself.
But one was just entitled
All my little period of those breezy and sunny days were just a quest to lead me to you I had to face all those obstacles to see how true love feels and you have shown it to me If those past were blank I won’t realize how special you are to me
If those transitions don’t happen then who will show me what full bloom meant You are the season of my life
But little did you know how you changed my life
Now it cannot get sunny in the summer without you
It cannot get cold in the winter without you
Neither can it rain nor can it storm
All of it cannot work without you anymore
Cause you are my source,
the light of my life
And I’m honored to say that I didn’t just love you;
because It’s an understatement I love you infinitely
It doesn’t have an ending because you’re my life
And life doesn’t just fade it goes on and on
So does season
You are my season.

Larry Lalruatfela Hangsing,
B.A (Political Science), 2nd Semester

3rd Prize in Love Letter Writing Competition (English) Organised by Students Union of Govt Aizawl North College, 2021

In Association with - EXPLORE MIZORAM

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[Website ah hian sumdawng leh mi tin tan tlawmtein fakna kan dahsak thei e. WhatsApp +919402125273 ]

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