“Lêntupui châwi vêl Zotlâng kan ram nuam,
Dâifîm tling khâwm siktui thiang luanna;
Hrâm thiam va tin leh siahthing zâr bâwm,
Ram awih thiamte’n ni lên zâi lo sa.”

This poem, if continuous destruction of our environment goes on, will happen to be called an outdated poetry due to it’s lack of relevancy.
Superficial. This evergreen Mizoram wherein nature once exposed her nature will become deserted no-man’s-land. Our future will be worst than what we now can imagine. Think of our rivers dried up and all our wild animals fled. This, in point of fact, is no warning but of nature’s herald upon us her impending dooms and her appealing to men’s savagery.
When I was a lad, I used to hark tales of aged nimrods boasting their stalks. As was that moment of benightedness, more likely incognizance. I, considerably, had applauded their accounts up until I became wide awake of their demolition. Appalling loss.
Nevertheless, it is but truth amongst the ethnic group, who were once, for their constancy, hunters who coursed wild animals that hunting is still in our blood. In times of our progenitors, hunting, as said, was in great significance for their survival. Great hunters were esteemed with great reputation. And the stalkers, themselves were bragging their
triumphs. Chanting 

Tlâi ni e tla rawng rawng la,
khua khu ngui la ka duhin ne;
Nghovâr e, ha tha le maw,
Lêng hném e, than lai ka duh te nên.

It, however is mind-boggling that even after quasquicentennial of the light of Chrisitanity in our land there is serious predicament in the minds of christians, environmental issues. Need is to preserve them whilst we have good time preventing their extermination. Their extinction would mean mankind’s time of catastrophic demolition and death.

Deforestation, in more clearly words, anthropoids’ deliberate suicide, is another question of present days issue. In our state, of which we claimed the most beautiful land, it now becomes the bulkiest problem. Each and every year, enormous areas are conflagrated. This, in turn, ensued in capricious and lesser amounts of rainfall, the beginning of our end.

Less and less animals and diminutive areas of their habitats, subject of climate change- hominids’ last gasp. It is postulate that nature exists without mankind, but no single earthborn does.

Climate change, if carries on with this pace, our future would be inauspicious. Intricate. We have nothing but solitary choice of planting more and more trees, preserving flora and fauna, and more and more awareness with actions.

Chief Seattle once said, “Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realize that we can not eat money.” Here is one sad thing, that we, economically, the most unstable state in our country, will not have such money to eat if by chance, possible . Thus, as said, let us plant more and more, afforestation- Hobson’s choice.

The significant works of Dr. Malhotra an his wife worth to be recollected for their transformation of 300 Acres of barren land into private sanctuary within 20 years of dedication. Bravo!

Our sentiment of hunting and culture of cultivation must be reconsidered, changed. We, with all of our effort, must do our best to resuscitate our environment before it becomes too late to remorse. Let our Buannel Ram Dai be renovated in this land.

K. Vanlalneihpuia,
Blue House 6 semester, Govt Aizawl North College

1st Prize in Article Writing Competition (English) Organised by Students Union of Govt Aizawl North College, 2021

In Association with - EXPLORE MIZORAM

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