Mizoram Governor's speech on 8th Assembly, 7th Session ( Feb 23, 2021)

Mizoram Governor Governor PS Sreedharan Pillai speech on 8th Assembly, 7th Session ( Feb 23, 2021)

Mizoram governor PS Sreedharan Pillai

Honourable Speaker and distinguished Members of this august House, It gives me immense pleasure to address you at the commencement of the third Budget Session of the Eighth Legislative Assembly, which is also the First Session in the New Year 2021. 
I also extend my warm greetings to the people of Mizoram on this occasion and I trust that together we will see a new era of growth and prosperity ahead. Even as we leave the trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic behind, I am sure the business of the House will be conducted smoothly as always, with grace and dignity, keeping in view the time-honoured conventions and the rich democratic traditions of our great nation.

2. I am particularly happy to bring to the notice of the Honourable Members
that our commitment to peace as enshrined in the Mizoram Accord of 1986
remains unchanged. I have seen and do applaud the strength, resilience and
commitment of the government and the people in addressing the needs and
demands even during the hardest times last year. I am happy to present before you
a brief outline of the achievements and visions of the government :
3. Honourable Members will recall that since the termination of the Planning
Commission, the States now have a greater responsibility to plan for their own
development. Consequently, in Mizoram also, fund has been apportioned out of the
Central devolution of taxes for the purpose of systematic financing of development
activities in the State since 2016-17 by Planning Department with the
Government’s current policies as the basis. In 2020-2021, Rs.148.00 crore was
provisioned from the State fund for the implementation of development works
under the State’s Flagship Policy - the Socio-Economic Development Policy
(SEDP). However, as a fall-out of the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic last year,
15% Budgetary Cut as economy measure has been effected in the fund earmarked
for SEDP during 2020-21. Out of the budget provision of Rs.125.80 crore (after
15% budgetary cut), a total of Rs.82.45 crore has been allocated to various
Departments for the implementation of SEDP.
4. The schemes under the NEC have now become a Central Sector Scheme on
100% funding by Government of India. However, the on-going projects under the
NEC-Special Development Projects with existing funding pattern (90:10) will
continue. All projects implemented under this Scheme are expected to be
completed by 31st March, 2021. The Mizoram State Government has performed
rather well in implementing the projects in comparison to all other states in the
north east. As of now, there are 16 ongoing development projects under State
Component. During 2020-21, fund amounting to Rs.83.37 crore for the ongoing projects had been released so far. During 2020-21, NEC has approved 6 new
development projects for which fund amounting to Rs.50 lakh has been released
till date for tendering formalities. Besides, Rs.3.00 crore has been received for
activities related to combating Covid 19 pandemic during FY 2020-21 and Rs.80
lakh for procurement of PPE Suits and Test Kits related to combating Covid-19
pandemic. NEC has also approved Rs.3 crore for ‘Livelihood and Gainful
Employment to the Returnees of the State of Mizoram’.
5. The funding pattern of Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR)
Projects still remains 90:10 between GOI and State Government. During 2020-21
till date, Government of India had released Rs.2353.22 lakhs and the State
Government had allocated Rs.108.17 lakhs as State Matching Share. Meanwhile,
Ministry of DoNER has called for project proposals for leveraging Accumulated
Balance in NLCPR 2020-21 and the State Government had submitted Concept
papers for 153 project proposals with an estimated cost of Rs.5460.16 crore in
November 2019 for possible funding. Under North East Special Infrastructure
Development Scheme (NESIDS) Scheme, Govt. of India has retained and
sanctioned 5 projects for which GOI Released amount (2020-21) was Rs.7610.51
lakh against approved cost of Rs. 20372.38 lakh.
6. As the Honourable Members are aware, the 70th United Nations General
Assembly had adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with 169
Targets and 304 indicators under the Agenda ‘Transforming Our World : the 2030
Agenda for Sustainable Development’. India is a signatory to this landmark
agreement and NITI Aayog is the Nodal Agency. The SDG framework calls for
concerted efforts towards inclusive, sustainable and resilient future, and focuses on
three core elements : Economic Growth, Social Inclusion and Environment
7. At the State level, Planning & Programme Implementation is the Nodal
Department for implementation of the SDGs in each state. A copy of the ‘Mizoram
Vision 2030’ was published and shared with the NITI Aayog and is made available
in the department’s website. Currently, in the SDGs Ranking by NITI Aayog
among the states, Kerala and Himachal Pradesh are the frontrunners with a score of
68 while Mizoram ranked 6th position with a score of 59 among the states of India.
Mizoram tops in SDG 10 with a score of 100 and ranked 2nd in both SDG 2 and 7,
with index score of 69 and 78 respectively. The State Government continues to
take initiatives in achieving immense progress in the next ranking.
8. Although the most peaceful state in the country today, the strategic location
of Mizoram and its long international border of hilly jungle terrain serve as an
ideal ground for trans-border activities of anti-social elements like smugglers and
drug traffickers. There have also been certain sporadic and stray incidents of
border skirmishes along the inter-state boundaries. Inspite of these, my
Government remains committed to maintaining law, order and peace amongst all
sections of the people, to protect the security of the state and will leave no stone
unturned to apprehend the perpetrators of these crimes. Honorable Members will
appreciate that around 3000 Mizoram Police personnel were deployed for various
Covid-19 related duties, such as international and inter-state border sealing, contact
tracing of Covid-19 patients and security of quarantine facilities. Several incidents
of border dispute erupted along the Mizoram-Assam inter-state border at
Thinghlun in Mamit District, Vairengte and Saihapui ‘V’ in Kolasib District during
the month of October, 2020. However, the tension in these areas and the ensuing
blockade of National and Inter-state Highways from Assam to Mizoram were
immediately diffused by the timely deployment of our police forces.
9. My Government continues to accord highest priority to achieving selfsufficiency, especially in the production of food. Agriculture has been the
backbone of the state’s economy, and more than 60% of the population is
employed in the agricultural and allied sectors, where the majority of farmers are
small and marginal, with land holdings of an average of 0.50 ha. Through
implementation of several Centrally Sponsored Schemes and the State Flagship
Programme SEDP, the Department has seen steady progress. Under the Soil Health
Card Scheme, 26,019 soil samples have been collected and tested. Oil Palm area
has increased to 26531 ha. by the end of last year, which accounts for 2.34 %
increase. The only Oil Palm Mill set up in the North East, having a capacity of 5
MT per hour, is located at Bukvannei, Kolasib and 23988 MT of Fresh Fruit Bunch
(FFB) has been processed in the Mill till date. Under the Mission Organic Value
Chain Development for promotion of organic farming in Mizoram, the scheme
now covers 13,000 ha., involving 14,104 farmers, and has initiated formation of 9
Farmer Producer Organisations and 5 Farmer Producer Companies. The Centrally
sponsored scheme of ATMA is now in operation in all districts of Mizoram, with a
staff strength of 116. Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY) presently
covers 1,349 beneficiaries in eight districts and under Pradhan Mantri Kisan
Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN), total fund dispersed is a total of Rs.97,72,58,000.00
till 31st December, 2020.
10. Keeping in view the great potential for horticultural development in
Mizoram, my Government has initiated several schemes to provide adequate 
opportunities for increased production as well as more gainful employment to the
rural population. More than Rs.240.80 lakhs was earned from off-season
production of Tomato during calendar year of 2020 with a production of about
3010 qtls. and harvesting is still going on. Cabbage Variety of ‘Ryozeki’ seeds,
directly procured from Japan, was cultivated as off-season vegetable during rainy
season, which has tremendously helped farmers in earning better prices than
normal season. More than 10,000 qtls. have been harvested and an income to the
tune of Rs.333.20 lakh has been estimated from the production of off-season
Cabbage only, during the calendar year of 2020. To meet the demand of both
domestic and outside markets, cluster expansion of Dragon fruit cultivation has
been carried out and during last year alone, Dragon fruit farmers generated a
remarkable income of more than Rs.300.00 lakh. Rejuvenation of old Mandarin
Orange orchards has led to a good yield of 53984 MT, with a market value of
around Rs 16.00 crore. Mizo chilli is being increasingly produced at Thingsai
cluster of Hnahthial District, where more than 500 qtls. is expected from
Hnahthial District alone.
11. My Government will continue to accord high priority to construction,
improvement and maintenance of road communication as these are pre-requisites
for progress. Several key bridges and buildings at various locations, including
Judicial Quarters in 8 Districts, 4 Civil SDO Quarters and Office, 2 District
Treasury Offices and Quarters, 50-bedded Civil Hospital (CHC) at Lawngtlai, 100-
bedded Civil Hospital at Siaha and ARCS Office Building at Serchhip were
constructed. Although work has been severely disrupted due to the Covid-19
pandemic, all major roads across the state have been well maintained by the State
PWD and are in good condition by and large. With funds from the Central
Government, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, NABARD and SEDP, 82
district roads linking rural areas are being repaired. Also, ongoing construction of
the following roads: Serchhip-Thenzawl-Buarpui, Multi Modal Transport Transit
Project, Tlabung-Kawrpuichhuah, Chhumkhum-Chawngte, Champhai-Zokhawthar
and Lengte-Mamit-River Langkaih are expected to be completed soon. Digital
Congress Network System was recently installed in the Mizoram Assembly House
and renovation of Lengpui Airport is also underway.
12. Improved power generation continues to be a main thrust area of my
Government. Construction of 2MWp Tlungvel Solar Power Plant at a cost of
Rs.1400 lakh from State Plan Fund has been successfully commissioned and
inaugurated on 4th Dec, 2020. Construction of 110Km, 132kV Single-Circuit from
Aizawl (Melriat) Sub-Station to Lunglei, which will serve as the alternative power
incoming line for Southern Mizoram was also completed and successfully 
commissioned on 14th Aug, 2020. This line was funded by DoNER at an estimated
cost of Rs.4176.07 lakh. Further, 33/11kV Sub-Stations at Zaizawhtlang
(N.Vanlaiphai) and Thenhlum were strengthened at a cost of Rs.572.00 lakh from
NEC (on funding pattern of 90:10) and commissioned on 25th July and 16th July,
2020 respectively. Construction of 33/11 kV Sub-Station at P&E Complex, Saiha
Town was completed on 9th September, 2020 at an estimated cost of Rs 766.00
lakh with funding from DoNER. Construction of 33/11 kV Sub-Station at P&E
Complex, Lawngtlai was completed on 2nd May, 2020 at an estimated cost of Rs
678.00 lakh, also with funding from DoNER.
13. Adequate supply of safe drinking water for the people, both in urban and
rural areas, will continue to receive the attention of my Government. Under Jal
Jeevan Mission, as many as 40,479 out of the total number of 1,26,827 rural
households have been covered with Functional House Tap Connections. During
2020-21 (upto December 2020), a total of 15,400 rural households and 114 villages
have been fully covered with FHTC. Under Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin), one
unit of Plastic Waste Management Unit has been installed at Aibawk Rural RD
Block and 4 units are ongoing in four districts. A number of 8 water supply
schemes, including solar pumping schemes, have been completed under
NABARD. Under NLCPR, two on-going works i.e. Water Supply to Sainik
School, Chhingchhip and Construction of Dam Reservoir & Recreation Centre at
Keilungliah are being executed. Alternate Gravity Water Supply Scheme of
Aizawl is being executed. Meanwhile, Biate WSS is also in progress. Also, 14
Water Supply Scheme under NABARD and 3 Project Works under AMRUT are in
good progress. A total of 1,04,050 House Water Connections under Urban Areas,
while 24,775 House Water Connections have also been provided in Rural areas as
on 30.12.2020. The PHE Department has collected a sum of Rs. 3050.7 lakh from
House Water Connection upto October, 2020.
14. My Government shall continue to take steps to ensure that there is no
shortage of essential commodities through timely procurement. It is a matter of
satisfaction that there was sufficient stock of rice and no shortage of foodgrains
even during the pandemic lockdowns last year. The Food, Civil Supplies &
Consumer Affairs Department covers 2,74,727 households with 12,14,084 nos. of
beneficiaries (as on 20th Dec, 2020) under its Public Distribution System (PDS).
There is sufficient advance stocking of rice for 54 Godowns in areas where loaded
vehicles cannot ply during rainy season for the current financial year, and the same
will be repeated for the next financial year for these needy areas. The Department
is closely coordinating and monitoring Home Delivery of LPG in 4 selected areas 
in Aizawl City and 28 other areas within Aizawl and Kolasib Town. Also, since
Mualkhang Bottling Plant of 100 MT capacity is too meagre to meet the growing
demand, site verification has been conducted twice with IOCL officials for
construction of Oil depot at Bairabi.
15. My Government is committed to provide preventive, curative and
rehabilitative health services to the people and rural health care remains a big
priority. Despite COVID-19 pandemic posing a serious challenge to
implementation of several health activities in the state, the Department of Health &
Family Welfare used much of its resources towards its mitigation and as a result,
Mizoram has the lowest number of cases detected and the lowest number of only
10 (ten) COVID-19 related deaths in the country till date. Covid-19 vaccination for
Health Care Workers in Mizoram has been going on since the National Launch on
16th January, 2021. Vaccination of all the 15,697 registered Health Care Workers
in the State has been completed. There are also 27,557 registered Frontline workers
which include Central and State Police, Armed Forces, Home Guards, prison staff,
civil defence organisations, disaster management volunteers, municipal workers,
fire fighters, revenue officials and Panchayati Raj Institutions, who are actively
involved in Covid-19 pandemic mitigation. The vaccination of these Frontline
Workers has already started and is expected to be completed by March, 2021.
15.1. Under the Mizoram State Health Care Scheme, a total of 1,12,427 families
have been enrolled, 19,591 claims were received from 1st April, 2020 to 31st
January, 2021 and Rs.56,10,22,868/- reimbursed to patients. Under Ayushman
Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, a total 1,95,268 families were
enrolled, 1,482 claims made and an amount of Rs.15,52,92,468/- utilised for
cashless treatment. Under National Health Mission, 108 Sub-Centres and 64 Urban
& Rural Primary Health Centres have been upgraded into Health & Wellness
Centres. Fully Immunization Coverage in the state stands at a high 88%. The State
Vector Borne Disease Control Programme is being executed on a war-footing and
luckily, there has been no death in Mizoram due to Dengue till now. Status of
Voluntary Blood Donation also stands at a high 91.44% in Mizoram.
15.2. Under the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship programme
‘Ayushman Bharat’, all Sub-Centres and PHCs are to be upgraded into Health
Wellness Centres by December, 2022 through National Health Mission. At present,
108 Sub-Centres and 64 Urban & Rural Primary Health Centres have been
upgraded and 108 B.Sc.Nursing graduates have been posted across these SubCentres which has greatly enhanced health service.
16. Realising the significance and importance of Education, my Government has
given due focus for its development during 2020-2021. Construction of Teachers’
Training Complex at Lunglei under NLCPR, with a project cost of Rs.1040 lakh, is
near completion. Under Samagra Shiksha Mizoram, three new District Project
Offices have become functional in the three new districts of Saitual, Khawzawl and
Hnahthial. Also, 1 Secondary School was established recently at Silsury Village in
Mamit District, 4 Higher Secondary Schools with Arts Stream started in Sialsuk,
East Phaileng, Phuaibuang and Sangau Villages and 2 Higher Secondary Schools
with Science Stream were also established in Kawlbem, Champhai District and
Vairengte, Kolasib District. With 17 more schools being approved by PAB 2020-
2021, vocational education has now been introduced in 46 schools altogether.
16.1. As per 2nd Quarterly Progress Report, there are 1414 Primary Schools and
1086 Upper Primary schools in the State. Under Mid-Day Meal, food grains are
being distributed to the schools with the help of School Management Committees
under the supervision of Local/ Village Level Task Force. In fact, the existing State
contribution is higher than the mandatory fixed by Central Government, so as to
give better nutrition to school-going children at elementary level.
17. The national and state-wide lockdown imposed due to the Covid-19
pandemic adversely affected the academic programme under the Higher &
Technical Education Department. Although the government took up measures to
alleviate the problem, closedown of all classes and consultations had to be
executed, resulting in conduct of classes and examinations on online-mode. Under
the RUSA Scheme of Upgradation of Existing Colleges to Model Degree Colleges,
Government Siaha College, Government Hnahthial College, Government J.
Thankima College and Government Mamit College were accorded a total sanction
of Rs.300 lakh each for construction of Academic, Administrative, Library,
Seminar Hall Building, etc. Infrastructure Grants have been sanctioned for 15
colleges, of which 12 colleges have received Rs.150 lakh each, which will be used
for construction of Student Hostels, Administrative Building, Exam Hall,
Cafeteria, Extension and Renovation works. Three Colleges received Rs.100 lakh
each, since these colleges were accorded delayed sanction.
18. My Government had declared Sports as an Industry on 4th June, 2020,
making Mizoram the first state in India to do so. The Ministry of Minority Affairs,
GoI has approved projects worth Rs.22,873 lakh under ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas
Karyakram’ (PMJVK) and sanctioned Rs.10192.13 lakh as first installment to the
State Government for establishing Residential Sports Schools at Mamit, Kawrthah,
Lawngtlai, Lunglei and West Phaileng, construction of Community Service Centre 
at Zawlnuam, West Phaileng, Chawngte and Bungtlang, laying of artificial football
turf at Chawngte and Hachhek (Tuidam) and construction of District Sports
Complex at Mamit. The Ministry has also approved Rs.472 lakh for construction
of Sadbhav Mandap (community centre) at Mamit and Lawngtlai and released
Rs.127.44 lakh as first installment. Under ‘Khelo India Scheme’ a total of Rs.1550
lakh was sanctioned by the Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs, GoI for laying of
artificial football turf at Armed Veng, Muallungthu and Lengpui and Rs.550 lakh
for construction of Hockey Ground at Muallungthu. The Hon’ble Chief Minister
laid the foundation stone for construction of Residential School at Mamit and
Kawrthah, construction of District Sports Complex at Mamit and laying of
Artificial Football Turf at Hachhek (Tuidam) on 10th December, 2020,
construction of Residential School and Community Service Centre at West
Phaileng on 15th December, 2020 and construction of Residential School at
Lawngtlai on 9th November, 2020.
19. Industrial growth is one of the key components of economic progress.
Hence, the Commerce & Industries Department continues its policy of encouraging
private entrepreneurs in setting up viable industrial units dependent on locally
available raw materials. The Mizoram Market Regulation (Promotion &
Facilitation Ordinance, 2020) for fixation of steady price of vegetables, meat &
cereals will be implemented in the interest of the general public as soon as it is
notified. Under the Aizawl Smart City Project, fund amounting to Rs.34 crore has
been allocated for construction of Aizawl City Centre at New Market, Aizawl.
Construction of New Market Building at DawrpuiVeng, Aizawl with an estimated
amount of Rs.13 crore under NEC funded project was inaugurated on 4th January,
19.1. Bamboo Development Agency has undertaken upgradation of Zuangtui
Industrial Estate, Aizawl and 99% of the work has been completed. Fund to the
tune of Rs.4.75 crore has been allocated by the National Bamboo Mission towards
establishment of 4 Processing Units for value addition of bamboo, 3 Bamboo
Waste Management units, 4 units of Handicraft/Cottage Industry, 4 Furniture
Making and 5 Incense Stick Making units. Project for Establishment of Handloom
Production-cum-Training Centre at Phuaibuang, Aizawl district with a total project
cost of Rs.3.50 crore has been approved by NEC.
20. The Ministry of Panchayati Raj has approved the Annual Action Plan of
Mizoram for the year 2020-21 amounting to Rs.13.585 crores, of which the lst
installment has been released and utilised fully through the Local Administration 
Department. As the interim report of the 15th Finance Commission had been
accepted by the Govt. of India, Panchayati Raj in all States/UTs, including Village
Councils in Mizoram, are receiving Grant-in-Aid. A total amount of Rs.93 crore is
sanctioned for 834 Village Councils in Mizoram. The 1st Installment has been
released and credited into the bank accounts of 834 Village Councils through
Public Financial Management System.
21. The welfare of the people and upliftment of the weaker section through
Rural Development continues to be the focus of my Government. Under Pradhan
Mantri Awaas Yojana – Gramin, the State has provided assistance to 4059 rural
families for construction of pucca houses till date. Fund amounting to Rs.1091 lakh
has been received from GoI during this FY and 3363 households have been given
21.1. Under MGNREGA, a total of 211,555 households have been issued Job
Cards in Mizoram and all active Job Card holders have been provided 96 days of
unskilled wage employment till January, 2021. A number of 23,819 works had
been taken up during current Financial Year out of which 21,509 works have been
completed till date. A number of 4,158 Works under Natural Resource
Management, 16,253 Works under Individual Land and 3,353 works under Rural
Infrastructure were taken up. During FY 2020-2021, Ministry of Rural
Development, GoI released an amount of Rs.55543.40478 lakh as Central
Assistance and State Government has released Rs.3002.388 lakh as SMS.
21.2. Four RD Blocks of Mizoram, namely, Aibawk, Thingsulthliah, Khawzawl
and East Lungdar were selected by Ministry of Rural Development for inclusion
under its new scheme ‘Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission’. During the
current FY (2020-21), Mizoram received Central Assistance under CSS 90:10
formula amounting to Rs.8.10 crore for East Lungdar and Khawzawl clusters and
Rs.2.7 crore for Aibawk Cluster. Various works have been taken up such as
Mizoram Orchid Centre at Maubuang, Cold Storage and Solar Water Pump at
Seling, Wholesale Market at Sateek, Mini Agro Processing Centres at Leng, Sateek
Cycling Track, Zopa In at Khawlailung, Spring Source development at Sailulak,
Cultivation of aromatic plants in Khawzawl and East Lungdar RD Blocks as well
as Cluster Mithun farming at Leng and Sailulak. Mention may be made that for
timely implementation of works and judicious use of resources, the state of
Mizoram was awarded thrice by the Ministry of Rural Development - 1st Position
in 2017 among North-Eastern States, 2nd Position (National level in 2018 and
22. Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department contributes more than 5.67%
GSDP, which accounts for 30% of total GSDP contribution under Agriculture &
Allied Sector. Inspite of this, more than 77% meat consumption is imported and,
therefore, there is a great challenge for self sufficiency. Under the umbrella of
National Livestock Mission, Piggery Sector is being boosted and 45 nos. of high
performance germplasm pigs were imported from the United Kingdom. However,
due to pandemic outbreak of Covid-19, they are lying at Animal Husbandry Farm
in Ludhiana, Punjab at present and will be delivered once Covid-19 subsides. High
yielding and bigger sized Beetal/Sirohi goats were imported from Ajmer,
Rajasthan for goat breed improvement and seed production. They are being kept in
the intensive goat farm at Thenzawl. Assistance has also been given to farmers for
goat rearing programme under National Livestock Mission.
22.1. In order to meet the demand of broiler and layer chick, Zoram Poultry
Development Scheme, Ramrikawn Tanhril is augmented to produce 60,000 dayold chicks per week. Poultry farm at Lungpuizawl, Lunglei is also augmented to
5,000 Layer capacity to meet the demand for poultry meat and eggs in the Southern
region of the State. In order to meet the demand for animal feed, Fodder
Development Programme has been taken up in 4 Districts, viz. Champhai, Kolasib,
Serchhip & Mamit. Besides Veterinary Hospitals at Lunglei, Siaha, Champhai,
Kolasib, Serchhip, Mamit and Lawngtlai, a Live Animal Market has been
constructed at Ruantlang, Champhai to provide healthy and clean meat. Assistance
has been received from Tribal Welfare Ministry, GoI for construction of Rural
Animal Health Centre at Phullen and Phuaibuang (Aizawl District), Chapi and
Chhoala (Siaha District).
23. The pandemic lockdown last year badly affected the Fisheries Sector
resulting in acute shortage of fish seeds and my Government is taking efforts under
difficult conditions to ease the difficulties and economic effects faced by fish
farmers. To meet the fish feed requirement, 6265 qtls. are being made available for
purchase by the fish farmers at 50% subsidised rate. 50.12 lakh nos. of Common
Carp fish seed and 20 lakh nos. of Major Carp seed have been distributed at 50%
subsidised rate. Article 275 Schemes are being implemented through the nodal
Social Welfare Department and the approved layout for Fisheries during 2020-
2021 is Rs.175.02 lakh for 3 selected districts viz. Aizawl, Champhai & Mamit.
Under this, construction of 96 new ponds and 17 Fish Seed Rearing ponds,
renovation of 29 existing ponds, construction of 3 Cold storages as well as
Riverine Fisheries Conservation Awareness programmes at Mamit and Aizawl
District were carried out. 
24. My Government realises the importance of Sericulture as one of the most
effective means in weaning away farmers from the devastating Jhum cultivation in
the state. Hence, a number of families in the rural areas are increasingly taking it
up as a permanent occupation, raising Muga plantations in their own lands, which
is the costliest among the commercial silk variety and produced only in the North
Eastern States of India. It is noteworthy that Intensive Bivoltine Sericulture
Development Project (IBSDP) under North East Region Textile Promotion Scheme
for Women for the year 2015-2016 & 2017-2018 at Champhai District has been
given financial allocation of Rs.30.14 crore and will target 1000 beneficiaries.
25. There are 36 on-going Minor Irrigation Projects under PMKSY - Har Khet
ko Pani in the form of cluster of 14 Projects and cluster of 22 Projects at a total
estimated cost of Rs.4246.92 lakh and will cover command area of 1723 ha.
benefitting 1055 farmer beneficiaries. Central Assistance of Rs.117.24 lakh for
cluster of 14 projects and Rs.648.11 lakh for cluster of 22 projects was received
during 2020-21. These projects are scheduled to be completed within 2020-21.
Implementation of 13 New Groundwater Irrigation Projects, covering 6 districts of
the state, with a total estimated cost of Rs.1604.89 lakh, as well as provision for
installation of 184 Solar Power Pumps and 25 Electric Pumps have been approved
for inclusion under PMKSY-HKKP (Groundwater Irrigation). Administrative
Approval and expenditure sanction of Rs.159.05 lakh as SMS and Rs.866.00 lakh
as Central Assistance has been received during 2020-21.
26. Despite the declining activities due to Covid-19 pandemic, a number of
activities and projects were still carried out by Tourism Department. The
‘Anthurium Festival 2020’ was organised virtually during 9th and 10th November,
2020 and ‘Winter Festival 2020’ was also organised virtually during 21st & 22nd
December, 2020. These were the first virtual festivals ever organised in the State.
The Thenzawl Golf Resort under Swadesh Darshan scheme of GoI was
inaugurated on 4th August, 2020 by the Hon’ble Union Minister of State i/c
Tourism, Shri Prahlad Singh Patel. Another achievement of the Department was
the notification of the ‘Mizoram (Registration of Tourist Trade) Act, 2020’ on 24th
March last year. The Act provides for registration of different categories of tourism
service providers and connected activities in the State. It also gives power to the
State Government to declare any area in the State to be a Tourist Area for tourism
27. The Head-wise Revenue achievement of Transport Department during the
year 2020-21 (upto November 2020) was Rs.1642.41 lakh. During 2020-2021
(upto December 2020), a total of 15,886 vehicles were registered and 18,725 new
driving licences issued. Establishment of Automated Inspection & Certification
Centre in Hlimen worth Rs.1550 lakhs, construction of Multi Level Parking and
Multipurpose Hall at Govt. Mizo High School, Aizawl amounting to Rs.500 lakh,
construction of Commercial Vehicles Terminals worth Rs.690 lakh at Tlabung,
Vairengte and Serchhip as well as opening of new Vehicle’s Emission Testing
Centres at six district headquarters, viz. Siaha, Champhai, Kolasib, Serchhip,
Mamit and Lawngtlai are some of the ongoing achievements of the department.
Also, Rent-a-Motor Cycle Scheme was introduced and 15 new Auto Rickshaw
Service Domains created during fiscal year 2020-2021. Permission for introduction
of Two Wheeler Taxi for Lunglei Town was granted during 2020-2021.
27.1. On the advice of Ministry of Road Transport & Highway, extension of
validity of vehicle related documents and waiving-off of late fines due to the
outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic was allowed by the Govt. of Mizoram last year
and Order also published accordingly. Meeting of Government Vehicle
Condemnation Board was held twice during 2020-2021. 133 nos. of Govt. vehicles
were condemned, out of which 19 vehicles were from Transport Department.
28. My government continues to attach due importance to the effective
implementation of Total Prohibition Act in the state. I am happy to say that
voluntary organisations and the churches have extended their active cooperation in
tackling this menace. As a result of the untiring efforts of the Excise & Narcotics
Department, 1492 persons were arrested and 1596 cases registered for trading in
illicit liqour and drug trafficking during the current financial year 2020-2021 (upto
31st December, 2020). Revenue amounting to Rs.57,06,370/- (Rupees fifty seven
lakhs six thousand three hundred seventy) only was collected during the current
financial year 2020-2021 (upto 31st December, 2020).
29. The total revenue collection of Taxation Department for the current financial
year is Rs.37,071.31 lakh (upto November, 2020). To prevent loss of revenue, the
Department has created a Data Collection Centre at Old Vairengte Checkgate, to
collect detailed statements of goods coming from outside the state. Construction of
Deputy Commissioner of State Tax building at Mamit, Deputy Commissioner of
State Tax Building at Siaha Zone and Officers & Staff Quarters at Lunglei Zone is
expected to be completed this year.
30. Recognising its role in the improvement of the socio-economic standard of
the people, my Government is determined to strengthen the Cooperative
Movement and at present, there are 1490 registered Cooperative Societies in the
state. Under the PM-Kisan scheme, Rs.15.72 lakh was transferred to 255
beneficiary bank accounts and under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, a total of
Rs.27,79,500.00 was transferred to 5,559 beneficiary bank accounts by the
Mizoram Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd. The Cooperation Department is also
undertaking every possible activity under Van Dhan Mission in Mizoram, under
which 159 Van Dhan Kendras have been set up. A total of Rs.2306.55 lakh was
sanctioned, out of which Rs.581.55 lakh has already been released for 44 Kendras.
These Kendras have started producing different items such as processed wild
honey, Aloe Vera soap, processed chilli, turmeric, ginger, etc.
31. During Financial Year 2020-2021 (till December 2020), the Land Revenue
& Settlement Department issued 376 House Passes, 1190 Land Settlement
Certificates for Residence, 102 Land Lease Certificates and 10 LSCs for
Agricultural Lands. Also, 3292 mutation cases and 332 dispute cases were settled.
Total Revenue collected from both Tax and Non-Tax during April-December,
2020 stands at Rs.1295.46 lakh. The total amount of Registration fee & stamp duty
collected upto December 2020 is Rs.1722.01 lakh.
32. One of the flagship state programmes being implemented by the Urban
Development & Poverty Alleviation Department is PAHOSS, which aims at
decongestion of road and traffic through provision of assistance for construction of
Parking Houses within Aizawl City. Total fund allocated for PAHOSS is Rs.7002
lakh. , Out of 1420 total applications received, 1023 were deemed eligible for
selection. Construction of Approach Road and Internal Roads of Industrial Growth
Centre at Luangmual, Aizawl was completed in June, 2020 with sanctioned
amount of Rs.923 lakh from NEC, which was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Deputy
Chief Minister on 21st January, 2021.
32.1. The Mizoram Cleanliness Competition 2020 under Swachh Bharat Mission
(Urban) was launched on 2nd October, 2020, in which altogether 23 urban towns
were actively engaged. Again, in the nationwide cleanliness survey designated as
Swachh Survekshan, Mizoram ranked 13th among the States with less than 100
Urban Local Bodies for the year 2020.
33. Mizoram State Control Room-cum-State Emergency Operation Centre for
Monitoring the spread of COVID-19 Virus Outbreak was established on the 20th
March, 2020 at ATI, MINECO and is operational 24x7 till date. Financial
assistance was also provided to the Health & Family Welfare Department and 11
district Disaster Management Authorities by the Disaster Management &
Rehabilitation Department for combating the viral outbreak. Besides the Seismic
Stations in Aizawl and Siaha, construction of an additional seismic station in the
DC Complex, Champhai District was started in October last year. Site Verification
and Sensitization of Villages in Champhai District hit by successive earthquakes
last year were conducted, wherein 25 villages, 2 Police Stations, SDRF Bn. Station
at Dungtlang and 8th Assam Rifles Beat Post at Farkawn were visited.
34. The Art & Culture Department obtained Geographical Indication Registry
for 5 (five) Mizo Traditional Puan, viz. Puanchei, Ngotekherh, Pawndum,
Tawlhlohpuan and Hmaram. Digitisation of documents in the Mizoram State
Archives has been going on for future reference and record. Webinar on ‘Mizo
Inthawina - Traditional Sacrifices’ was jointly organised with North East Zone
Cultural Centre, Dimapur on 20th November, 2020. Online Children Painting
Competition was organised in collaboration with INTACH, Mizoram Chapter and
Arts Novelty, Chaltlang in December, 2020. Meanwhile, Rs.4.136 crore was
received as 1st Instalment for construction of Regional Museum at Lunglei and
State Matching Share of Rs.91.90 lakh also released. The project is in good
progress. 3rd Instalment of Rs.100 lakh was received from NEC, Shillong for
ongoing Lai Cultural Centre-Cum-Auditorium at Lawngtlai. The project is almost
35. During 2020, the Directorate of Economics and Statistics completed 3 subrounds of the 78th National Sample Survey Round (January-December 2020) on the subject Multiple Indicator Survey (MIS). Due to the prevailing Covid19 pandemic, the survey period has been extended till March 2021. To carry out
Registration of Births & Deaths, there are 746 Local Registration Units and 112
Medical Institution Units, making a total strength of 858 Units in Mizoram at present.
36. It is also noteworthy that through the Mizoram Legal Services Authority, free
legal services were provided to 2909 beneficiaries, 145 Legal Aid Clinics were
held, 10 visits to Jails and legal awareness campaigns in 9 Community Centres
were conducted.
37. Hon’ble Speaker and Hon’ble Members of this august House, I have briefly presented before you a summary of the policies, programmes and some significant achievements of the Government in my Address today. I would like to reiterate here that my Government will remain committed to work steadfastly to fulfill its assurances to the people of the State. I have full faith in the ability and resilience of the people of Mizoram and with their co-operation, we will overcome challenges and march towards further progress and prosperity. I sincerely hope and trust that all these issues will be further discussed in greater detail in the best interest of the people of Mizoram during this Session.
I wish your deliberations all success.

Ka lawm e.
Jai Hind.

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