PM’s Independence Day Address from Red Fort

PM Modi pays tributes at Rajghat    0717 am

PM Modi receives guard of honour   0722 am

PM Modi unfurled the national flag at Red Fort and national anthem was played       0730 am

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PM begins Address        0734 am
“ We owe this freedom to those hundreds who fought for our Independence,
I salute the corona warriors who have worked relentlessly for the nation. I extend my condolences to families that have lost loved ones in this battle against coronavirus, says PM at Red Fort.
India’s soul has been attacked several times, but our nation’s unwavering spirit conquered all, said PM Modi
India has vowed to be self-reliant amid Covid-19. Self-reliance is compulsory for families and for the nation. I have faith in India’s approach.
India has to stop exporting raw material and importing finished goods. We have to become self-reliant
India has to focus on its human resources and skill development.
We have to strengthen our agriculture industry, to provide for the hungry in our nation as well as the world
Vocal for local should be the key slogan of independent India
While we focus on economic growth and development, humanity must retain a central role in this process
Make in World should also be a key slogan like Make in India
India’s record FDI investment shows the world’s growing confidence in our nation
“I am confident that measures like opening up space sector will generate many new employment opportunities for our youth, said PM Modi.
Be it providing every household with electricity, cooking gas, creating bank accounts for the poor or building toilets in all houses, India has progressed a lot in every field in the last 6 years.
Some areas tend to be left behind in journeys of development. There are 110 districts in India that have to be brought back in the narrative of development. We will have to work extra hard for upliftment of all.
We need to strengthen agrarian businesses. Economic clusters will be formed in villages for this purpose.
Jal Jeevan Mission has empowered the spirit of cooperative competitive federalism
Middle class will benefit most from a better ranking in ease of living and we are striving for it
About Rs 90,000 crore directly transferred to bank accounts of poor; over 80 crore people provided free food grain
Education plays an important role in new India, and we have introduced the National Education policy, which will help our children grow and be equipped for global competition.
All 6 lakh villages on India will be connected via optical fibre within 1,000 days
We have worked for women empowerment- Navy and airforce are taking women in combat, women are now leaders, we abolished triple talaq, got sanitary pads to women for just 1 rupee:
PM Modi announces National Digital Health Mission, says it will bring a revolution in India’s health sector
“All of us are waiting for a vaccine for Covid-19. I want to tell you that three vaccine candidates are at different stages of testing in the country. A made in India vaccine will be out soon,”
“This one year is a year of the new journey of development for Jammu and Kashmir. This one year is the year of the rights received by the women and the Dalits in Jammu and Kashmir. This one year is also the year of a life of dignity for the refugees in Jammu and Kashmir,”
Decreasing our carbon footprint and conservation of biodiversity will be done on a war-footing
“From LOC to LAC, whoever dared to cross the line and threaten the territorial integrity of India was met with an appropriate response from our brave soldiers
PM Modi thanked all nations who extended help to India during her struggle with coronavirus
“We are working with our maritime neighbours to ensure peace and stability in Southeast Asia,”
National Cadet Corps will select 1 lakh cadets from coastal and border areas and one-third of these will be female cadets,
Mindset for free India should be vocal for local
India has will power to lead the nation
Our processes, policies, products should be the best. That is how India will be at the top of the world
“Covid-19 is not an obstacle big enough to hamper self-reliant India’s growth. 

- PIB Aizawl

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