Khualbuk neitute Tourism Department ah inziahluh a ngai; July 31 thleng hun pek an ni

Aizawl | July 09, 2020: Mizoram Tourism department chuan Mizoram chhunga Khualbuk; Hotel/Homestay/Restaurant neite chu July 31 hmain inziaklut vek turin a hriattir.

Mizoram Sorkar chuan ‘Allocation of Business Rules’ a tihchhuah-ah Mizoram chhunga Hotel/Homestay/Restaurant zawng zawng te Tourism Department hnuaiah a rin lut a. Tourism Department chuan mumal zawka kal a nih theih nan heng Hotel/Homestay/Restaurant neitu zawng zawngte chu ah emaw Tourism Office, MINECO-ah 31st July, 2020 ral hma in a hnuai ami ang hian in report vek turin a hriattir a ni.

1. Hotel/Homestay/Restaurant Hming.
2. Address.
3. Name of Owner.
4. Contact Number.
5. Business License/Registration Number.
6. Email id.
7. Website (if any).
8. Social Media page (if any).

Hotel, homestay leh accommodation nei zawng zawng in ah in register vek tur a ni.

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