Rubaru Mister India Contest-ah Mizo tlangval David Lalrinmawia

Aizawl | July 10, 2024: Rubaru Mister India Contest-ah Mizo tlangval David Lalrinmawia chu a tel.

Rubaru Mister India-a tel mek Taekwondo player, Pimsei tia hriathlawh David Lalrinmawia hi Shillong a piang leh seilian niin, Sawleng khua a ni a. tunah hian kum 24 a ni mek a ni.

David Lalrinmawia  hian People choice atan tunah hian mipui vote a mamawh mek a ni. Instagram lamah a thlalak an like hi vote a chhiar niin, August 2, 2024 hi hun tawp a ni.

a hnuaiah hian IG lama like tur post chu kan dah e.

David Lalrinmawia 
Koh dan: pimsei
Pianni (kum nen): December 18, 1999 (24)
Nu hming: Vanlalhmagaihi 
Pa hming: C Lalengmawia

Unau zat: unau pahnih kan ni a, u mipa pakhat ka nei.

📌 Khua/Veng: Sawleng ( born and raised in Shillong)
📌 Kohhran: Presbyterian 
📌 San zawng: 5'10 
📌 Zirna lam: MA (Philosophy) zir mek.
📌 Hobby: mix-martial arts, singing, modelling leh acting.

📌 Duhzawng leh ngainat zawng hrang hrangte?
• Lehkhabu duh: non-fictional books
• Actor/Actress: Leonardo DiCaprio
• Zaithiam: dimash Qudaibergen
• Chawhmeh: smoke pork
• Hla: jim reves- i love you because

📌 Achievements:
• face of Meghalaya 1st runner-up (2023), Mr. Cherry blossom 2nd runner-up (2023), Mega Mr. Mizoram winner (2024), Bronze in Mix Martial Arts (Northeast Zone 2024)

📌 Mize ngainat zawng:   - Spiritual 

📌 Mize ngainat loh zawng: immoral

📌 Kawppui tura duhzawng?
- Devouted, responsible and independent 

📌 Relationship status: single

📌 Aim in life: to become a successful business man and to help the people who are in need

📌 Mister India-ah Mizoram aiawha i tel dan:
- i registered through there website and when my profile got selected there were 5 rounds of interview through zoom call and after all the round i got selected as the finalist 

📌 Mister India Contest ah hian eng dinhmun nge thlen i inbeisei?
- Winner

📌 Modelling lam i tui  em?
- Aw

Mister india contest hi engtia kalpui thin nge a nih?
- It is a platform for showcasing empowerment, diversity, intelligence and leadership. People who take part in national competition have utilised the platform to empower others like them while many others have also used  as a way to advance in their careers, despite the diverse professions they chose. Sensitive and important topics like climate change, abuse, human trafficking,  freedom of speech etc are addressed. Some even come up with sustainable solutions which are then implemented, slowly and steadily improving the society they live in. Persons from indigenous communities, no matter which social or economic status they belong from, stand a chance to represent their tribe and win the competition. Winning such a prestigious title makes their voice reach the masses. People want to know more about them, where they come from, their life stories and this inspires several lives all across the globe.

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