Champhai District Court Website hawng

Champhai | August 25, 2023 - Justice Marli Vankung, Judge Guwahati High Court chuan vawiin chawhnu khan Champhai District Court Official Website chu biak hmuh theihna kaltlangin a hawng.

Justice Marli Vankung chuan Champhai District Court in Official Website a neih hma chuan Champhai District Court in hna a thawh dan te, mamawh an nei em tih leh enfel ngai te enfiah turin Champhai pan a ngai thin tih sawiin tunah chuan he website hmang hian awlsam takin thil tam tak a tih theih tawh dawn tih a sawi a. Champhai District-ah hian thil tha tak tak a awm laiin case tam tak a awm tih a sawi a, Aizawl tih lovah chuan Case tam berna District a nih thu a sawi a, Court thawktute pawh an hah thin hle tih sawiin case chinfel tawh pawh tam tak an nei tih a sawi a, an thawh hah na zawng zawng chu lawmawm a tih thu sawiin he Official Website hi tangkai taka hman a nih theihna turin a hawng a ni.

He hun kaihruaitu Pu Liansangzuala, District & Session Judge, Champhai chuan mimal leh pawl dang emaw midang website ang a ni lo tih a sawi a, he website hman theih tur hian kawng thui leh harsatna tam tak an zawh tih a sawi a, website an neih theihna tura rim taka thawktu an naute chungah lawmthu a sawi a ni.

Pu F. Rohmingthanga, System Assistant hnen atangin Website nei tura hmalak a nih dan leh website hman tangkai theih dan kawng hrang hrang ngaihthlak a ni a, Champhai District Court Official Website hi mobile Phone leh Computer atangin Internet Browser hrang hrang atangin tih chhu in luh theih reng a nih thu a sawi a, he website atang hian Champhai District Court a case awm dan zawng zawngte en theih a nih tur thu leh mipuite tangkaipui theih tur tam tak a awm tur thu a sawi bawk.

Pi Sylvie Z Ralte, Additional District & Sessions Judge, Champhai District chuan lawmthu sawiin hun a khar a ni.

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