Joint Hnampual Students' Organisation Press Release

JOINT HNAMPUAL STUDENTS' ORGANISATION (Lai Students' Association, Hmar Students' Assocaition, Mara Students' Organisation, Ranglong Students' Union, Siamsinpawlpi, Pang Zirlai Pawl, Mizoram Bawm Students' Association) 

ESTD 1989 

Date 4 July, 2023

The Joint Hnampual Students' Organisation (Mizoram) is deeply saddened and anguished by the sufferings inflicted on our Zofa community by the Majority Meitei Community. While condemning the most brutal acts of killing children, women folks and taking innocent lives which were beyond comprehension even during the darkest period of the World War-II, we are convinced that this is a complete pre-planned ethnic cleansing act of the majority Meitei community and the ruling hegemony on our people. We strongly condemned the most deplorable incident on the 2nd July 2023 where our very own innocent brother David Thiek who was captured alive was tortured, killed, his head severed and his body parts butchered into pieces and later burnt with the most demonic nature by the Meitei terrorists. 

While Manipur-an integral part of India-has been burning for the past 60 days or more, we are taken aback and surprised by the conspicuous silence of the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, this makes us feel that we are not being regarded as part of India. While we can no longer over look the myriads of suffering of our people, we strongly appeal to the Government of Mizoram to take concrete step in easing the sufferings of our people and play a more proactive role in achieving their political aspirations. The Government machinery has completely failed in handling the crisis in Manipur and the minorities no longer feel safe within the law of India. In this context, we demand imposition of Presidents' Rule by the Government of India.

We would also like to reiterate that the Meitei community living in Mizoram are at peace without any disturbance from any corner while our brothers are being killed in hordes at the hands of the Meitei terrorists in Manipur. The Meitei community in Mizoram should also make sincere efforts to ease out the sufferings of our people in Manipur. The Joint Hnampual Students' Organisation (Mizoram) will constantly oversee the sufferings of our people and resort to any measure as per the demand of the situation.

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