PCI General Assembly in Manipur buaina chungchangah thuchhuah siam

General Assembly
Presbyterian Assembly House Central Ward, Shillong - 793001, Meghalaya, India


The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of India is deeply saddened by the ongoing unrest in Manipur State severely affecting the life of many people of the state. We are deeply concerned for the victims of the unrest. It is heartbreaking to know the places of worship being attacked and burnt down and houses being burnt to ashes an forcing many people to leave their homes.

We express our heartfelt condolences to the family of the victims and we stand in solidarity with them in our prayers.

We appeal to all the parties involved in the unrest to maintain peace and harmony and avoid actions detrimental to the social harmony and safety of the people and rather proceed for peaceful resolution. We must be reminded that we all are citizens of India and we must not allow the unity of our nation be shaken by social unrest.

We also appeal to the government to take every step to protect all sections of the people and that assets, to protect the places of worship, to contain the unrest immediately and at the same time prevent further escalation. We are ready to help in any way if at all we can be of any help for the peace and reconciliation process. 

Let us all pray for peace and harmony in Manipur. 

Rev. Dr. K. Lalrinkima
Sr. Administrative Secretary Presbyterian Church of India Shillong
4 May 2023

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