'Awptu Ngaihawm: Contemporary Literary Theory' lehkhabu tlangzarh

Aizawl | Nov 16, 2022: 'Awptu Ngaihawm: Contemporary Literary Theory' tih lehkhabu, Dustin Lalkulhpuia ziah chu Thawhtanni tlai, Nov. ni 14, 2022 khan Dean Conference Hall, School of Humanities, Mizoram University-ah Prof. KC Lalthlamuani, HOD Department of English and Culture Studies, MZU chuan mipui chhiar theih turin a tlângzarh.

He lehkhabu hi tun laia literature, history leh khawtlang zir chianna theory pawimawh tak tak te sawi zauna leh hrilhfiahna a ni. A man hi Rs. 250 niin, lehkhabu dawr hrang hrangah lei theiha zawrh chhuah nghal a ni.

Lehkhabu tlangzarhna hun hi Lalrinsangi Nghinglova, Associate Prof., Govt  Zirtiri Science College chuan hruaiin, Lehkhabu thlirlawkna hi Dr. C. Lalawmpuia Vanchiau, Asst. Prof. Helen Lowrey College in neiin, School of Humanities Dean Prof. SD Baral bakah, Dr. Zoramdinthara leh Prof. R. Thangvunga ten theory chungchang sawi zauna an nei bawk. He lehkhabu hi Literature, Social Science leh Mass Communication zirlaite tana lehkhabu tangkai tak a nih tur thu tlangzarhtu Prof. KC Lalthlamuani chuan a sawi a ni.

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