In supersession of all previous notifications and orders made in this behalf except as respects things done or omitted to be done before such supersession, the Government of Mizoram hereby makes the following scheme for sanction of lump sum cash award to the winners of medals in National and International Competitions in recognised Sports Disciplines including Adventure Sports as follows namely :

1. Short title and commencement:
(1). These   Scheme may  be called the Mizoram Sports Incentive Cash Award Scheme, 2022.
(2). They shall come into force immediately from the date of publication in the Official  Gazette.

2. Definitions:        In these Scheme, unless the context otherwise requires:-
a)   “Government” means the Government of Mizoram.
(b)   “Government Bodies” means State Level Sports Association duly affiliated to the National       Federation which is recognised by Govt. of India.
(c)    “International Championship” means the championship deems fit to be participated in by the respective National Federations.
(d)    “Medal Winner” means winner of Gold Medal or Silver Medal or Bronze Medal in any National or International Championships or Tournament or Competitions in recognised Sports disciplines including Adventure Sports.
(e)     “National Championship” means championship duly recognised by respective National Sports Federations affiliated to Indian Olympic Association.
(f)      “National Games” means any National Games organized by Indian Olympic Association.
(g)      “State” means the State of Mizoram.
(h)      “State Games” means State Games organized by Sports and Youth Services Department.

3. Objectives: The objective of the Mizoram Sports Incentive Cash Award 2022 are :-
(a) to ensure the outstanding sports persons of the state are given special recognition by giving incentive cash award so that it will act as an incentive to other talented sports-person to emulate their feats/performance in all levels of competitions.
(b) to inculcate the spirit of discipline and determination amongst the athletes; and
(c) to inculcate a sense of being looked after and a feeling of security for having excelled in his/her chosen discipline.

4. Eligibility: The following sports-persons shall be eligible for cash award :-
(1) A person must be a resident of Mizoram, representing any state of the union or Sports Control Boards or the Country.
(2) Winner of first, second or third position in the specified championship as enumerated in column 3 of Annexure.
(3) Any sports-person participating in International Championship. 
(4) Officials, Manager, Coach, Masseur, Physiotherapist Doctor will also be entitled to receive 25% of the award applicable to the sports- person.
(5) Any sports person of Mizoram representing the Country in any recognised sports discipline in any international sports or championship will be entitled to receive Rs. 20,000/- as sports kit allowance.
(6)       For the purpose of awarding the incentive cash award, there can be only one award in one sports discipline in a championship or tournament.

5. Award of Increment/Recruitment/Promotion: Award of /Recruitment/Promotion to Sports persons serving/not serving under the State Government who excel at National & International shall be considered as defined in FR 27 and  OM No.A-12032/1/2019-P&AR(GSW) dated  the 14th November, 2019 in addition to the incentive cash award.
6. Competent Authority:   The Competent Authority for the purpose of this award shall be the Board, comprising of the following   members:-
(a)  The Minister    -  Chairman, Sports & Youth Services Deptt.
(b)  Secretary           -  Member, Sports & Youth Services Deptt.
(c)  Director             -  Member  Secretary, Sports & Youth Services Deptt.
(d)  Representative of Finance Deptt.    -  Member, (Not below the rank of Joint Secretary)
(e) Representative. of Law Deptt.     -  Member, (Not below the rank of Joint Secretary)
(f)    Secretary, MSSC           -  Member

7. Application:  The eligible sports persons for award of increment or incentive cash award shall apply for the award through respective association in prescribed proforma available in the Department within a period of 6 months from the date of completion of the Championship.
8. Amount of Award:  The amount of incentive cash award will be as per Annexure.
9. Residuary Power:  In case of any situation or circumstances not specifically covered in the provision of scheme, the Competen Authority under scheme 6 shall have residuary powers to make decision in matters of instructions under these scheme.

Sl.NO / Event     Rank         Senior         Junior/Youth            Sub-Junior
1. Olympic Games /Paralympic Games
G - Rs. 1,00,00,000
S - Rs. 75,00,000
B - Rs. 50,00,000
Participation - Rs 15,00,000

2. Youth Olympic Games
G - Rs 25,00,000
S - Rs 15,00,000
B - Rs 7,50,000
Participation - Rs 3,00,000

3. World Cup/World Championship/Para World Championship     ( Once in 4 years)
G - Rs. 25,00,000                 Rs. 6,00,000                     Rs. 1,00,000
S - Rs. 15,00,000                 Rs. 3,00,000                        Rs. 50,000
B - Rs. 7,50,000                  Rs. 1,50,000                         Rs. 25,000
Participation - Rs 3,00,000 (Senior)

4. Asian Games/Common Wealth Games/Para Common Wealth Games /Para Asian Games
G - Rs. 25,00,000
S - Rs. 15,00,000
B - Rs. 7,50,000
Participation - Rs 3,00,000

5. Asian Championship in different disciplines
G - Rs. 7,00,000                 Rs. 2,00,000
S - Rs. 3,50,000                  Rs. 1,00,000
B - Rs. 1,50,000                     Rs. 50,000
Participation - Rs.   70,000

6. Olympic qualifying tournament
G - Rs. 1,00,000                 Rs. 50,000
S - Rs. 50,000                     Rs. 30,000
B - Rs. 30,000                     Rs. 20,000

Sl. No/Event     Rank    Senior             Junior/Youth                Sub-Junior
1. National Games/Para National Games
G. Rs. 6,00,000
S - Rs. 4,00,000
B - Rs. 2,00,000

2. National Championship /Para National Championship (Organised by Respective Federation affiliated to IOA recognized by GOI)
G -                 Rs. 90,000                 Rs.    40,000         Rs. 10,000
S -                  Rs. 60,000                 Rs.    30,000        Rs.   7,000
B -                  Rs. 40,000                 Rs.    10,000         Rs.   5,000

3. Khelo India Youth Games /National School Games
G - Rs.  1,00,000
S - Rs.     70,000
B - Rs      50,000

4. All India Inter-University Tournament/Championship
G - Rs.   40,000
S - Rs.   30,000
B - Rs    10,000

5. All India Women Sports festival
G - Rs.   10,000
S - Rs.     7,000
B - Rs.     5,000

6. All India Rural Sports
G - Rs.   10,000
S - Rs.     7,000
B - Rs.     5,000

7. N.E Sports Festival/N.E Competition
G - Rs.   10,000
S - Rs.     7,000
B - Rs.     5,000

8. North East Games
G - Rs.   10,000
S - Rs.     7,000
B - Rs.     5,000

9. State Games
G - Rs        7,000
S - Rs        5,000
B - Rs      3,000

1. Master /Veteran (World, Asia & Common Wealth Tournament)
G - Rs.1,00,000
S - Rs. 50,000
B - Rs. 30,000

2. International  Invitation Tournament (India Team Qualified/ through India Camp)
G - Rs. 50,000.             Rs. 40,000            Rs. 10,000             Rs. 10,000
S - Rs. 30,000                Rs. 20,000            Rs. 8,000                Rs. 8,000
B - Rs. 20,000               Rs. 10,000             Rs. 4,000                Rs. 4,000

3. National Invitation Championship
G - Rs. 10,000             Rs. 5,000            Rs. 4,000                Rs. 5,000
S - Rs. 5,000                 Rs. 4,000           Rs. 3,000               Rs. 3,000
B - Rs. 3,000                 Rs. 2,000            Rs. 1,000               Rs. 2,000

4. Northeast/ Eastern  Invitation Tournament 
G - Rs. 5,000             Rs. 4,000                Rs. 4,000
S - Rs. 3,000             Rs. 2,000                 Rs. 2,000
B - Rs. 2,000.             Rs. 1,000                 Rs. 1,000

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