FEATURE | Miss India Mizoram 2022 Lalramhlui Sailo

 Miss India Mizoram 2022  Lalramhlui Sailo  hi i lo belchiang ang.

April 30, 2022 khan Miss India a state aiawh turte thlanna result tihchhuah niin state aiawh tut mi 31 zingah Lalramhlui Sailo chu Miss India 2022 ah Mizoram ai a awh dawn a ni. Lalramhlui hian Miss Mizoram 2020 Zirsangpuii bakah Govt Aizawl College Miss 2022 Jennifer Renthlei leh  R Chhuangi te khumin Miss India 2022 thlannaah Mizoram ai a awh dawn a ni.

Hlui emaw Hlutei emaw a koh thin Lalramhlui Sailo hi Lalsawmpuii Hmar leh Lalzamlova Sailo te fanu niin, May 6, 2000 khan a lo piang a. Unau pahnih niin nau Mipa pakhat a nei a ni.

Lalramhlui Sailo  te hi Vaitin khua niin, Baptist Church of Mizoram Kohhran-ah an lawi a, tunah hian Armed Veng, Aizawl-ah chengin an khawsa mek.

Lalramhlui Sailo  hian zirna lamah chuan tunah hian Govt Johnson College-ah B.A a zir mek a ni.
Sikul lam hi Lalmalsawma Memorial School, Modern English School leh Highlander Higher Secondary School-ah te a lo kal tawh a ni.

Ft 5'7 a sang Lalramhlui Sailo hi Modelling lamah a mikhual lo hle a, Mizoram a show hrang hrangah a inlan nual tawh a. Miss Zofa International 2018 finalist zinga mi a ni bawk.

Hemi bakah hian Film lamah pawh inlan tawhin modelling leh film lama a hlawh hmang hian ama mamawh senso a inphuhru ṭhin a ni.

September 2020 khan Oriflame India cover a mawi a, Mizo hnahthlak zingah Oriflame Cover a lang awm chhun a la ni!

Hobby - Lem ziah leh Novel chhiar


A duhzawng leh ngainat zawng hrang hrangte?
Lehkhabu duh: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Actor/Actress: Anne Hathaway
Zaithiam: Elvis Presley
Chawhmeh: Mizo Bai
Hla: Sleeping Child
Hmun: Phul hring dup emaw thing tamna hmun
Ziaktu: Leo Tolstoy
Model: Linda Evangelista

Relationship Status: --

•• Website Fakna lo lang hi i hmeh apiang khan Explore Mizoram kal zelna atan tha i thawh ve a ni. ••

Kawppui atana duh zawng?
- Mi inngaitlawm, mahni nihna a chiang, tumruh leh thawh hreh nei lo, Pathian bel tlat mi.

Mizo tualzal nuna hmeichhe dinhmun?
- Mizo tualzal ah hian hmeichhe dinhmun hi hnam dang tehkhin chuan sang ka ti a,kan theihna leh tumruhna kan tihlan theihna hmun pakhat niin ka ngai.


Hnam ziarang chawisanna kawnga hmeichhe mawhphurhna?
- kan mipa te kan zahthiam a entawn tlak a awm thiam te, inngaihtlawmna nun neih te leh kan tumruhna hian tawpchin a nei lo tih rin tlatna te.

Zo hnam inpumkhatna hi a thlen theih i ring em?
- Tun ang reng a kan hman kan hmangaih a kan hnam chawisan nachang kan hria anih chuan engtik ni ah emaw chuan Zo hnam hi kan inpumkhat theih ka ring tlat a ni.


EXPLORE MIZORAM hi tha ka ti a, Mizoram leh Mizo-te phochhuahna atana dawhsan tha tak niin ka hmu a, Internet khawvela cheng tawh thalaite tan hlei hlei hian a thain ka hria.

(A chunga tarlante hi Miss Mizoram 2020 finalist a nih laia zawhna a chhannate a ni.)

Miss India 2022 atana zawhna a chhanna hrang hrangte i lo thlir ang:
Source @ beautypageants.indiatimes.com

Favourite quote:
Fear is stupid;so are regrets.

What is your motto of life:
- Shine from within so no one can dim your light.

What defines your personality:
- As a people person who loves to converse with others, and often being told that my presence and vibe lightens the room, I believe I am a carefree person with a hint of seriousness.

The most influential person in your life:
- The American Actress and Inventor, Hedy Lamarr, the true epitome of beauty with brain who pioneered the technology that now form the basis of WiFi and Bluetooth. I believe that during her lifetime, she made the statement that women are so much more capable than the world actually thinks.

The proudest moment of your life:
- The proudest moment of my life dates back to September of 2020, the month I was featured in the cataloque of Oriflame, making me the first and only Mizo woman to ever appear on the issue. It has given me confidence and challenges me to let my presence be felt through hard work.

All-time favorite movie or book:
- Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, featuring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. I have re-watched the movie over a hundred times and I absolutely love the scripts, especially the lines, 'I can be smart when it's important, but most men don't like it.' which proves how far women have come and 'If a thing's worth doing,it's worth doing well.' which I apply in my everyday life.

Three qualities that every woman must possess:
- Confidence in herself to empower fellow women, compassion to serve and courage to voice out her opinions.

The craziest rumor you ever heard about yourself:
- Craziest rumor I have heard about myself is that any "boy" in town could take me out, when in reality, I have so much respect not only for my body, but also for the well-being of my mind. And I believe we all should take responsibilities for our actions as to not hurt nor drag others down.

If you win Miss India, what would be your first big splurge:
- What more of a bigger splurge than to give back what I have received. If I win Miss India, that would mean that I have received immense love and trust from the people and it is my responsibility and duty as Miss India to return the love in forms of social work and issues.

Which beauty queen inspires you the most and why:
- Pryanka Chopra's wit and intelligence amazes me till this day. So young yet so aware of her environment and well-spoken. Every speech and interviews she has given reached out to me and encouraged me to take a step further from where I currently stand.

If God will grant you one wish, what would you ask for:
- My only wish is wisdom. As a person who seeks knowledge and learning even in times of adversities, and as a person who believes "the pen is mightier than the sword", to overcome and handle situations with grace and honour, I shall wish for wisdom to be granted upon.

What would be your advice for the youth of today:
- My mother taught me to always be myself and to love,accept and understand others for who they are. It is not enough to be yourself and expect others to accept you without understanding you. It starts with you and me, in a world where you can be anything, be kind.

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