Lawngtlaiah telecommunication service tihchangtlun dan tur sawi ho

Aizawl | Feb 21, 2022: Vawiin khan Lawngtlai Bawrhsap Dr Andrew H. Vanlaldika hovin a pisaah Lawngtlai District chhunga telecommunication service provider-te leh P&E hotute nen Lawngtlai District-a telecommunication (phone leh internet) service chungchang leh a tihchangtlun theih dan tur sawi ho a ni.

Bawrhsap chuan District chhungah telecommunication service tha leh rin tlak mamawhna a sang hle tih sawiin, sawrkar hna hrang hrang thawh nan te, zirlaite zirna chungchangah leh sumdawnna leh mimal chet velna kawng tinrengah internet connection neih that a pawimawh a, he'ngah hian Lawngtlai District a hnufual bik loh nana internet connection tha chhawp chhuah chu Lawngtlaia telecommunication service provider-te mawhphurhna a ni tih sawiin, service provider-te chu tan la deuh deuh turin a chah a ni.

He hunah hian service provider - BSNL leh Airtel ai awhte'n an dinhmun leh harsatna an tawh hrang hrang te an tar lang a. Service provider-te chu service thuam chak kawngah te, power backup tha neih kawngah te, tower din belh kawngah leh mipui harsatna rang taka chin fel kawngah te hma sawn tum tura chah an ni.

BSNL chuan an generator a chhiat avanga power backup lama harsatna an tawh mek thu an tar lang a. Airtel lam chuan power backup thuam chak tura hma lakna a kal mek thu leh Lawngtlai khawpuia mini tower pathum dah belh tura phalna an hmuh tawhah tower dahna tur mimal in chung hman tur an la hmuh loh avanga harsatna an tawh thu an sawi ve bawk.


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