COVID-19 | Positive thar 1471 hmuchhuak; Hri vei enkawl dam mi 1368 an chhuak!

Aizawl | October 6, 2021: Nimin khan Mizoram-ah COVID-19 positive 1471 hmuhchhuah a ni.

Test hrang hranga positive hmuhchhuah dan:
➡️RT-PCR positive: 371
➡️TrueNAT positive: 100
➡️RAgT positive: 959
➡️FIA positive: 41

EXPLORE MIZORAM hi mi dang i lo hmelhriattir zel dawn nia!

Nimin khan hri vei enkawl dam mi 1368 an chhuak a. Hri vei enkawl lai mi 16,005 an awm mek.
Hri vei hmuhchhuah tawh zawng zawng hi mi 1,01,327 niin, hri vei enkawl lai 16,005 an ni a, dam tawh hi mi 84,987 niin, nunna chan hi mi 335 an tling tawh.
Hri vei hmuhchhuah tawh zingah hian mipa 49,846 niin, hmeichhia hi 51,501 an ni.

* Hri vei 100 chuang awmna district 9 awm mek.
* Hri vei 500 chuang awmna district 6 awm mek!

Hri vei  tamna ber Aizawl district-ah 10,737 an awm mek a, Champhai-ah 1086, Lunglei-ah 1192, Siaha-ah 794, Lawngtlai-ah 651,  Serchhip-ah 532, Kolasib-ah 427, Mamit-ah 363, Hnahthial-ah 108, Khawzawl district-ah 68, Saitual-ah 47, te an awm mek.

Hripui vanga nunna chan hi mi 335 tling tawhin Aizawl district-ah tam berin mi 249 an ni a, Kolasib district-in dawtin mi 24 an ni a, Lawngtlai district-ah 21, Lunglei district-ah 19, Siaha district-ah 5, Serchhip district-ah 5, Mamit district-ah 5,    Champhai district-ah 4, Saitual district-ah 2, leh Hnahthial-ah 1 niin, Khawzawl district chu hripui vanga thi awm lohna district a la ni.

Sample test zat 
RTPCR - 1203
RAgT - 7655
Truenat- 548
FIA - 171  

Positive hmuhchhuah zat % – 15.36%
Symptom nei – 661, Symptom nei lo – 787, Report loh – 23
Mihring 1000 zela positive tawh zat =92
Mihring 100000 zela COVID-19 vanga nunna chan tawh zat= 30


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