RAMRI | AP-in Mizo JCB Operator kutthlakin chabi leh phone laksak; Aitlang lamah buaina inmung!

Aizawl | September 2, 2021: Vawiin Dt.2.9.2021 chawhnu dar 1:30 vel khan Vairengte Aitlang hnar lama Mizoram sorkar hnuaia SDOC Pu Isaac C Lalrempuia hova kawng siam mek zînga JCB operator pakhat, pu Mawia chu hna an thawh laiin Assam police te lo kalin kut an thlâk bakah a chabi leh mobile phone an lâk sak a. Hetiang kut an thlâk lai hian Puih a ngaihthu au chhuakin a thawhpui a chhak leh thlang lama awm te kal khâwm in Assam police hi an lo inthiar fihlim leh hman ni a thu dawn a ni. Hemi chûngchang ah hi vairengte mipui ten an hriat ve leh an lungawi lo hle a, vawiin chawhnu khan boruak a tang ru hle in a hmun hi Mizoram sipai leh thalai ten an pan.

 Vawiin a Assam police ten JCB chahbi leh mobile phone an lâk sak hi SDO C Pu Isaac-a chuan tlai thim hma ngei a lo pe let tûrin a ti a. An lo pe lo anih chuan engpawh thleng se an chi chhuah anih tur thu sawiin Assam lam SP chuan chutiang an tih a rin loh thu lo Sawiin amaherawhchu an la ngei in phone pawh an la pe let loh thu an lo hrilh a ni. Assam police te hi pu chhandama huan atanga kawrah lo kalin an hnathawhna hi an lo kal ni a hriat a ni a. Kan sipai awmna atang hian hla ve deuhin SDOc pawh hian ava thlen chuan an lo awm tawh loh thu a sawi a ni. Tu ah DC level ah in biak niin an thil lak hi pe let thuai turin an ti ni a thu dawn a ni bawk.

6:35 PM:
Tun dinhmun Dt.2.9.2021 tlai dar 6 vel thleng khan boruak tang tak awm lutuk lovin JCB chahbi leh Phone pe tûr an tih chu an la pe lova. Kan sipai te leh khawtlang hruaitu te a hmunah awmin boruak ngaihchân mek ani. Hetihlai hian Kolasib DC chuan hetiang hian Hailankandi DC hnênah lehkha a thawn a ni.

No.J.31015/1 (2)/2020-DC (K)
Dated Kolasib, the 2nd Sept., 2021
The Deputy Commissioner
Hailakandi District, Assam.
Subject: Assault and Kidnap of JCB Operator by Assam Police at Aitlang.
It has been brought to my notice based on a reliable report that this afternoon at Aitlang in Pu Lalngaisanga’s land where road construction connecting 
jhum land is undertaken by the farmers using Excavator JCB Reg. No. MZ05 A  4464, Assam Police went to disrupt their activity and damaged the door of Excavator 
and snatched the keys from the JCB operator Pu Lalnarammawia. Further, the JCB operator was blindfolded and kidnapped with a gun pointed to his head by the Assam Police wearing Commando uniform. He was then dragged by the river, ripped off his clothes and threatened for his life. His mobile Phone along with JCB keys was taken by the Assam Police.
    This is considered a very serious issue and a huge setback towards the  initiatives for peace until now; and can further aggravate using forces between the  deployed forces around this area. I, therefore, urge your immediate intervention as District Magistrate  into the situation and to take necessary action towards these perpetrator as well as to positively return the items taken away by the Assam Police to the JCB Owner and  Operator at the earliest. I look forward to your positive response and also request your kind cooperation to maintain peace and order at the interstate border.
Yours faithfully,
Deputy Commissioner
Kolasib District: Mizoram


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