Himanta Biswa Sarma Sir,

I think your publicity stunt, populist agenda of your so called ‘crackdown’ on drugs mafia is not working much with your chest thumping facist, aggressive state violence or police shooting or fake encounter (whatever be it). Within a span of just two months since you became CM (with Home portfolio) there were as many as 30 (plus) police shootings in Assam due to your encouragement that even National Human Rights Commission registered a case.

Sir i think your people won’t like your too ‘trying hard’, pushing your political agenda ahead this way.
With regard to your recent cattle protection bill also, i think your women need more protection instead of cattle, taking into account Assam holding record for having the highest crime against women in India for the last three or four years. Why protecting cattle when you can’t even protect women? First things first.
Sir, after kicking out Sonowalji, I think you are also pushing too harsh to become the next in line to the throne after Amitji and Modi. You even dare to show your lack of respect to the recent Shillong talks held under the aegis of Amitji. You made yourself not only a disgrace to NDA or NEDA (North East Disturbance Alliance) but also to the people of Assam.
Just a day or two had lapsed and you sent your police personnel with heavy arms and ammunitions carrying ambulance (why ready ambulance, the reason is best known to you), crossing the BUFFER-ZONE neutral (ought to be) party, CRPF duty post on the Mizoram border. They moved further and overran the Mizoram police duty post. The Mizoram police being outnumbered, they retreated on the hilly terrain. You started your blame game citing number of casualties of your policemen not having even the slightest sight of the terrain and their geostrategic positings where and when the incident took place.

When video footages that went viral on social media proved your ‘LMG’ theory wrong, you continued cooking up your inconsistent conspiracy theories like ‘beef-drugs-border link’, one after the other. I think they did not work much too.
Be informed that when your unnecessary and insinuating ‘Travel Advisory’ tainting the face of Mizo people was issued, Assam people stranded in Mizoram were provided free food.

Moreover, Assam people residing in Mizoram got their Covid vaccination under peaceful atmosphere without any risk.
After failing your people to implement the much awaited NRC, why diverting issues trying to snatch land for illegal immigrants for your vote bank and to maximize your political influence at the cost of innocent lives.

Sir, I also request you to kindly ask your MLAs to withdraw their endorsement to the ongoing economic blockade and to ask your people to stop their inhumane and disgraceful acts and send your law enforcement agencies to stop these people instead of turning your deaf ears to all these unfortunate events while acting on social media as if things were on an even keel.

Yours truly,
Vanlalruata Royte
Chanmari, Aizawl

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