International professional boxing event Aizawl-ah

Aizawl | January 7, 2020: Professional Boxing lama Mizo thalai tam zawk an luh theih nan hmarchhaka a vawikhat nan International Professional Boxing Fight Aizawl-ah neih tum a ni.

State Boxing Academy leh Grass root Boxing Promotional te chuan nimin khan Press Club-ah chanchinbu mite an kawm a. An pahniha thawkdun in Mizoram-ah inhnek lian tham tak, International professional bxing event - World youth title fight buatsaih ngei an tum thu an sawi.

Mizo zinga Boxing coach hriathlawh tak Sete-a chuan Mizo boxer Lalrinsanga tlau chu WBC Super feather-weight world youth title emaw, WBC Asian Super feather-weight title fight emaw zawk zawk a hmachhawn theih nan hma an lak thu a sawi a. Lalrinsanga hian title fight chu a hmachhawn ngei dawn a, tunge a hmachhawn dawn tih erawh a la chiang lo. Lalrinsanga hmachhawn tur hi tihchian theih thuai an tum thu an sawi bawk.
State boxing Academy leh Grass root Boxing Promotional te thawk dun hian Mizo boxer te promote a, Mizo boxer tam zawkin Professional boxing an luhchilh theih nana hma lak a ni a. Mizoramah ngei Inter National Pro-Boxing Events buatsaih ngei an tum bawk.
Mizorama inhnek lian tham tak neih an tum hun atan March ni 6, 2021 ruahman a ni. He hunah hian inhnek hmuhnawm tak tak pariat ngawt awm tura ruahman a ni bawk.
Grass root Boxing Promotional-a a bul tumtu ber Mujtaba Kamal chu India-ah head coach niin, professional boxing huangah tawnhriat ngah tak a ni a,ani hi Mizo boxer Lalrinsanga Tlau manager a ni mek nghe nghe. Mujtaba Kamal hnuaia boxer pasarihte hi India-a an mahni category ranking-a no.1 ni phak vek an ni hial a. Mizoten boxing an ngaina in, an thiam a, an huaisen bawk vangin Mizoram rawn kal a, State Academy te nen thawkdun an nih thu an sawi a. 

Hmarchhaka a vawikhat nan inhnek lian tham tak huaihawt ngei tum an nih thu an sawi ve bawk. Mizoram Sport Minister hmuin, inkawmna hun an nei a, International Pro Boxing Events a awm theih nan hmalakpui a tum thu tarlan a ni bawk.

  January 5 khan Sports minister Robert Romawi Royte chu Cultfit India hotupa Muftaba Kamal,Head Coach,Sabir Ali,Event Manager, Kamran Ahmed, Team Member te leh Mizo Professional Boxing promoters ten an kawm a. Professional Boxing lama Mizo thalai tam zawk an luh theih dan turte sawihovin hmarchhak biala a vawikhat na atan International Professional Boxing Fight Aizawl a neih dan tur an sawi hova. 

Pu Robert Romawia chuan Mizo thalai te chu professional boxing khel turin an huaisenin an fit tawk a ni, tiin Mizo professional boxers 2- Lalrinsanga Tlau leh NT Biakkima te pawhin an inhnek tawhah chakna an la chang vek ve ve a. Boxing infiamna ah hian midangte pawh an lo chhuak zel dawn a, chuvangin Aizawlah ngei professional boxing inelna lian tham buatsaih chu a pawimawh a ni a ti.

An sawihona atangin kumin March thla ah international professional boxing fight neih an rel a ni.

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