The hills of Mizoram cry. The sons and daughters are calling you. Have you heard the news, about the youths taking up defensive positions along our borders? 

In olden times, we raise our battle cry with the fierce sounds of Bawh Hla. Now, our _Bawh Hla_ is not audible to the ear, but it is visible to the eye. 

One daughter from the southern district has risen with a call, she is Esther. The Jewish meaning of Esther is secret, or hidden. The root Ishtar, is Persian and the English equivalent is star. There are many hidden Ishtars in Mizoram. The Ishtars of Mizoram are calling "Maa tujhe salam - vande mataraam." 

I hope India hears you well, beti. I have seen some of the reactions on your debut Hindi song broadcast - Esther Hnamte, your Youtube channel. It tears me up to listen to you, honouring your Ma with all your energy and gift of vocal chords emanating from your tiny 4-year old frame. In fact, I suspect everybody either tears up, or experience a mysterious sense of patriotic awakening, lying dormant somewhere deep inside. Your message is.... well simply mystical.

Ma tujhe salaam
Amma tujhe salaam
Vande Mataram
Vande Mataram

[I give honour to you,
I salute you, mother,
I offer my salaam to you, Ma!]

Hello India, if you can hear 4-year old Esther Hnamte, it should be almost impossible not to hear the cry of the people of Mizoram, NE India. 

Mizoram is is not going to succumb before the cunning traps and connivances of miscreants, who are trying to establish a territory of their own along our borders. These people are aliens, 2 million strong, according to latest reports, who need to prove their arrival before 24 March, 1974 in India (read Karimganj, Hailakandi, Cachar). This is the day before Bangladesh declared Independence from Pakistan. Read the news: "In Assam, 2 million people could not provide their proof of Indian residency when the final list of National Register of Citizens was published in August 2019."

And this temporarily displaced group of people carry out daylight dramas they had scripted, playing intimidation games as well as clandestine unlawful operations. What is so surprising is the clutch and control they exercised over government employees, including Central Service bureaucrats posted in the area. Revisit some incidents that had happened inside Mizoram:

° Throw back March 8, 2018:
Assam Police personnel attacked and lathi charged a group of students belonging Mizo Zirlai Pawl (student group) who were on a construction _hnatlang_ at Zophai, Bairabi (Mamit District). The location was a farmland belonging to Pi Rothangi, widow of Pu Ch. Chhunga, former Chief Minister of Mizoram. Besides destruction of properties, 10 persons suffered injury, including 2 media persons.

° Fast forward 9 October, 2020:
Several civilians, Forest Department employees and police personnel coming from across the border destroyed plantations and farm hut at Thinghlun (Mamit District) belonging to Mr John Zolawma. Some signages erected by the state government were also destroyed. Media reports, including video clips show that the drama was carried out under the efficient leadership of DM of Karimganj District, Mr Anbamuthan MP. No PIL has been filed against the DM by the owner of the farmland.

° 17 October, 2020:
(a) Saihapui V (Kolasib District):
This is a border village. Several Assam Police and civil personnel destroyed a checkpost manned by Mizoram IR Police, used for combatting Covid-19. Villagers were subjected to verbal intimidation and warnings. No retaliatory violent act was committed by either the Mizo people, or Mizoram IR Police.

b) Vairengte (Kolasib District):
Some 30-40 people from Lailapur (Cachar, Assam) bordering Vairengte (Kolasib District) crossed the border and came over in the afternoon. Without provocation, they started pelting objects and projectiles upon the makeshift camp of IR Police which has been set up for checking Covid-19. By late evening, infuriated youths of Vairengte village retaliated and pushed back the Lailapur mob. Some temporary roadside huts used for vending tea and snacks were gutted. These huts were set up in the sly by immigrants, taking advantage of the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic. Injuries were reported on both sides. Villagers of Lailapur started their road block of NH 305, which is the main supply lifeline for the entire bottle-necked state of Mizoram.

° 25 October, 2020:
An explosive device went off in a primary school in Saihapui V in the night. No casualties were reported. This clandestine, cowardly act must be vigorously condemned, more so because the crime represented an attack on the seat of learning for underserved school children, an attempt to destroy the future of humanity. Surely, the crime must have been perpetrated by illiterates across the border, who plotted for the world to point accusations on the Mizo community. Mizos never target children. This is not just their mettle.

° 27 October, 2020:
It is now the turn of Additional DGP (Law & Order) of Assam, Mr GP Singh to enter the stage and play his part in the drama. He visited Saihapui V with police and civil authorities to 'inspect' the school that was bombed by 'actors' two days ago. We do not know his findings or observations. But what transpired from the visit of the top cop was another attempt of intimidation game. He was alleged to have given a 24-hour deadline to withdraw Mizoram Police force stationed at Saihapui V. Failure to withdraw after the deadline will culminate in mobilisation of Assam Police en masse, with possible shooting spree. He later denied having issued the warning. Of course, he could say anything and deny later. He went there to act out his part in the unfolding drama. But the damage was done. A large number of youths responded to the distress call made by the border villages. Mizo braves flocked to the border villages to safeguard them from the 'imminent' police attack. Trenches and bunkers were dug and constructed, for worst case scenario! 

30.10.2020, The Union Home Secretary:
Mr Lalnunmawia Chuaungo (CS of Mizoram) and Mr Kumar Sanjay Krishna (CS of Assam) discussed situations over video conference under the chair of Union Home Secretary Mr Ajay Kumar Bhalla. Among other things, it was agreed to open border blockades on both sides to facilitate transport of goods.

31.10.2020 Opening of Blockade:
Movement of vehicles from Mizoram was immediately permitted, following the 'agreement' between the two Chief Secretaries. However, the one-sided agreement turned into a joke. Movement of vehicles in NH 306 towards Mizoram is prevented at Lailapur, till today, the 1st November, 2020. Mizoram kept its word, this is what we do. It is our nature. This is Mizo integrity. Pure transparency. Meanwhile, Mizoram has been subjected to 15 days 'Economic Road (NH 306) Block.'

Fake Escort Drama:
On 31.10.2020 Assam Police personnel staged a fake escort. The modus operandi was to 'escort' stranded Mizo truckers till the ultimate border point of Lailapur, along NH 306 and facilitate safe entry into Mizoram. But it was not to be. On reaching the outskirt of Lailapur, the Police escorts simply 'vanish' into the roadside by-lanes in the darkness of the night. This means the Mizo truckers are falling headlong into the wrath of the begrudged Lailapur civilians. Immediately realising the deadly trap, the truckers barely escaped and managed to drive back to Silchar. 

As always, the usual suspects have failed to keep their promise and honour their word. This is not surprising. Everyone, from the echelon within the strata of the alien migrant community, inclusive of government officials, are playing their part in this BORDER DRAMA.

Do you find this bizzare? Just believe it. 

So then, this is the reason. This is why the Hills of Mizoram are calling for national support and unity. To fight and stand for what is India. 

Hello India, do you hear the Esther Hnamtes of Mizoram? And to think we have just observed "Rashtriya Ekta Diwas!" Do you hear the call now?
Amma, tujhe salaam

Finally, my fellow tribesman, let us join our hands together and sing:

Chuvangin aw kan Pathian,
Hei hi kan dil ber che,
Kan ram kan hnam min hruaia'n,
Nang chauh kan thlang a che.
Chhûng lam leh pâwn lam hmêlma,
Indona thleng mah se,
Hneh zel tûrin min pui la,
Ro min rêlsak ang che. (KHB 585)

[So then, we beseech Thee, 
Grant us justice, we pray]

- Lal tanpuia

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