IAS nupa-in CM’s Excellence Award in Public Administration, 2020 dawng!

Aizawl | August 15, 2020: India Independence Day vawi 74-na Sipai Lammual, Aizawl-a lawmnaa Nupa-a Chief Minister’s Excellence Award in Public Administration, 2020 dawng theitu IAS nupa Bhupesh Chaudhary leh Pi Shashanka te hi an chhuanawm tak zet.
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IAS nupa,  Bhupesh Chaudhary leh Pi Shashanka Ala, te chuan Siaha DC  leh Lawngtlai DC an nih laia an hna thawhṭhat vangin he chawimawina hi vawiin khan an dawng.

Bhupesh Chaudhary hian Organization category (pawl/deptt) -ah Deputy Commisioner’s Office, ( exploremizoram.com ) Siaha District hmingin chawimawina hi a dawng a, Siaha DC office hian an hmalakna “Kawng kawhhmuhtu – Our Children, Our future” avanga chawimawina hi dawng an ni. Mimal anga chawimawina ni lo mahse, ama hova an hmalakna a ni a, Siaha DC a nihna-a an hmalakna hi a ropui tak zet.

A nupui, Pi Shashanka Ala chuan mimal chawimawina dawngin, Individual Category -ah 'Kan Sikul, Kan Huan - My School, My Farm' hmalakna thar tha taka a kalpui avangin chawimawina hi a dawng a ni.

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Pi Shashanka chuan, he a pilot project hi a hlawhtlin thu leh sikul leh anganwadi ah te pawh tih zel tum a nih thu media hma-ah a lo sawi tawh. exploremizoram.com
"The pilot project implemented in July 2019 was extremely successful and results were encouraging. It was later decided to launch this programme in all the anganwadis and schools of the district. Now we have A steady flow of fresh vegetables which help children in improving their dietary habits which stay with them for life."

Pi Shashanka hian India ram IAS chawimawi dang pawh a lo dawng tawh a ni.

Pi Shashanka Ala hi Lawngtlai DC atanga sawn niin, tunah hian Labour, Employment, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship -ah Additional Secretary Secretary in a awm mek. exploremizoram.com

'Mamit district hnawl hnu Siaha district in lunghlu a chhar' tia an sawi fiam thin Bhupesh Chaudhary pawh hian, tunah chuan Information and communications technology (ICT) -ah Additional Secretary in dah a ni.

Bhupesh hian, Siaha a chhuahsan dawn hian nunhlui hlimawm tam tak a kalsan thu IG lamah post siamin a sawi. (exploremizoram.com )

"As I move from #Siaha and get ready for my next assignment as Additional Secretary , I take so many happy memories with me.

My tenure in Siaha has been professionally satisfying and personally enriching. Got a chance to meet people and make new friends. Learn their traditions and culture. Understand their problems and aspirations. The sheer remoteness of the place makes everything difficult. But amidst all the challenges, tried my best to help people to realise their potential. I was fortunate to have a wonderful team.

Thank you for all the farewells, gifts and love, but the most wonderful gifts are the memories."

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Instgram profile a an dah angin, Bhupesh hi  IIT Delhi chhuak niin, History,  Photography , Mountains leh Trekking lam ngaina tak a ni.

Shashanka pawh hi IIT chhuak tho niin, IIT Madras chhuak a ni a, IAS ah hian  AGMUT Cadre a ni.

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