ECI in VC/LC Inthlanpui lo awm turah Exit Poll khap

Aizawl | August 24, 2020: Election Commission of India chuan Village Councils/Local Councils Inthlanpui ni 27.08.2020 (Thursday) lo awm tura Exit Poll buatsaih khapna thupek a chhuah.

The Representation of the People Act, 1951 Section 126A sub-section(1) tlawh chhanin ECI chuan ni 25.08.2020, tlai dar 5:00 PM leh ni 27.08.2020 tlai dar 5:00 PM inkar chhungin exit poll buatsaih leh print/electronic media emaw hmanraw dang emaw hmanga a result tihchhuah a khap a.

The Representation of the People Act, 1951 Section 126(1)(b) hnuaiah, opinion poll result emaw, poll survey dang result emaw inthlan kaihhnawih thil reng reng inthlan vote thlak theih hun tawp aṭanga chhiar leta darkar 48 chhungin electronic media-a tihchhuah/tar lan/thehdarh a khap bawk.

Electronic Media hian radio leh television - sawrkar leh mimal ta, satellite/DTH, Terrestrial leh Cable Channel te a huam a ni.

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