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Lungdumtu nang ang reng hi,
Awm thei hian ka ring lo,
Vanhnuai zaleng zawng zingah,
Engkim mai hian nang min ngaihtir e.

          Derhken par ianga mawi,
          Rose par ianga ,
          Thlir nin theih loh chu,
          Nang ngei hi I ni  e,

Nihawi par ianga,
Ka lam ilo hawi ni khan,
Ka suangtuahna zawng zawng chu,
Nangmahah a cham reng e.

Fur khaw thiang tak te hian,
Thinlai mu hnu kai tho in,
I zunah bawk,
Min uaitir leh thin.

An sawi Solomona iangin,
Duhtin nei thei ila,
Nang ngei hi ka thlang nang che,
Kan run chhung mawitu'n.

         - Gabriel C. Lalmuanpuia

Hrehawmna fa hrin, Lungngaihna fa chuam;
Tahna chu chaw ah a ring a,
Mal ngawih ngawih na chu chawhmeh ah.
A tan chuan khawvel hi,,rum leh tahna mai a ni..
Mipui tam tak zingah chuan mal tak in a ding a.
A pawn lam nui hmel chu,,a chhungril tah ti tam tu mai a ni si.
A nun chhungril chu a rum a,,ring tak in a au a, a tap a,,chhanna chu a au ri thangkhawk mai a ni si..A suangtuahna ram chu a tak ni ta se,
Khawvela mi nihlawh ber ani mai turah.
Nimahsela, a suangtuahna chu hlobet par tluk pawh a ni si lova.
A taka hlimthla chu a suangtuah a,
Engmah lo reng a ni tih a hre silo.
Hlimna ka neih chhun chu pek a, chu chuan chatuan daih thei se ka va ti em.
A hringnun chu natna in a khat a,
A sawm ni miah lova,a mittui luang chhuak chuan  a hmangaih zia che a tarlang fo si a,
Hlimna chu tlanchungin um mahse,
Engtik ah tak um pha ang maw?
Daidanna ramri ilo kham tawh chu, i sut leh hma loh chuan!!!!

             -Hluteii Chhinghlu

Hringnun lelte kiu rii riai a'n
Par tin chhimin biahzai kan rem,
Chhingmit lairil ànka hlântu
Belhlai thingthiang ka di bâng lo.
Vartian lawmtu tawnmang vangkhua
Sakhmel tawn loh hlimthla chhaiin
Thangvân chaihin biahzai kan vawr
Dawn lêm neilo lunglai kan rem.
Chelh theih changlo nunhlui chan nan
Biahthu tiam  sa sût zai relin
Nghilh nan partin riang min chhiah a
Liam zai a rêl lunglai a nuar

Rauthla riangin thinlai lo hním
Chhawrthla sâra'n nunhlui zâm e
Lenkawl siar lo thim zovin
Thangvan nunkhua a ngui zo ta.


Panlai hringnun liamhnu dawn changin,
Ka ngai ma'ng e hmangaihtu zua.
Enchimloh tea min chawitu
Piallei thuah riata a zal zawng,
A hrai riangte tah khua a bang thei lo.

  Mawi te'n lunglen thudi an hril rihsang mual,
  Ka tan tahna chang zo a mawina.
  Zuapa fam zawng hrai tan,
  Thinlai nau ang tah khua tiseitu.

Chhung kim dar ang runah lawi changin,
Siang lawi tur zuapa pialleian
Chham ang zal kir zai rel lovin.
Hawikawm lenrual hnem thiam awm lo,
A hrai vala zua ngaih tah lai bang lo.

Kan ngai thiam lo zuapa i fam chan,
Piallei daia run i rem hi.
I chun leh zua tal han dawn la,
Kei chu lem ang min der ta la
Luaithli an nul i fam ngaih a bang lo.

         -Rejoy Lalnunpuia Hmar

Ih Maw Dingdi,van leilawta inhnuk chhoin i zûn ka ngai a,
I par zû ka lo rui ta a.
I lan ang angin I mawi zo va,
I lungawi chu I famkimna a ni zui bawk a.
Enghelh lovin I par vul chûk mai a,
Rethei hausa an tlangnelin,
I man an teh liam zâ a.
Ih maw,Dingdi,tlai lovin min D zuai mai ta che.


             - esthertheri18

If by day, you're struggling
More than you do in the night
Sing a chorus, because I would
Even just to help you through the night
If your heart feels like stopping
And you're running out of might
Sing a chorus, still I would
Even just to help you win the fight
If your eyes are too tired anymore
And living doesn't feel right
Sing a chorus, for I would
Even just to fight off the fright


Of a flickering taper in candelabra
Thy tainted soul plunged in murk
On branches of tempestuous mind -
In brood and sleep you heavily swung.

Stuffing with mundane har not sicken?
O thou holloed core and quivered faith!
What love not sent from heaven so?
Take heart; for good tidings had hit the shore.

Lo! Thou veiled in a robe of righteousness
And a golden ring donned on the thy fingures
If to forgive was a sevenfold twinged
For a soul He'd brook a thousand times more!

Gleeman or minstrel thou need no more
For heavenly rhymes in thy bosom shall play
Shone out Love that springest forth -
Adorning the faulty frame in endless Grace.

Surpassing every earthly pleasure
Is thy Saviour's presence none would trade
Though the glistening eyes have never seen
Yet thy soul knowest its Saviour so!

             - Angely Lalmuanpuii

If the ether comes abounded
In specks of unparalleled white,
Totting up every mite of my entity;
That has bellowed in Love.
Would one descry past the misery?
Where a recollection welcomes a poniard,
That stiffs one with an ache ever so lonesome.
Umber orbs that seek of thee;
Turns to gaze stillness in an audience of none.
Prodding the very ravine where affection teems,
Only to perceive one's solace be a mortal's rest.
Sublunary paeans be none that ease me,
For it be only dearest Sappho that befriends my heart.
And for a spell be the pain dropped.
How cruel of Death's inamorata,
That be at ease in my torment.
But crueler is thee,who has but orphaned my devotion.
For the grievance of the death of a soul still breathing,
Quells the fire jouissance calls home,
And maddens the minds of the sane.
While the whole thirsts for a compeer.
Paris, my beloved one,
The humor in me has grown weary.
Dost thou ever thinkest of me?
Is longing only but mine to ponder?
Silly is the train of the Ocean's black,
That plants the seed of shortcomings kept,
Where blossoms a garden in hidden depths.
None a mercy the Spartans spare.
Verily, I beg thee Helen, fair maiden,
To return my life's precious.
For any a lad ye desire, ye can have.
But lovely Paris be my only heart's desire.
And though my pride grew immense in his need,
To Empyrean, true-heartedly I follow.

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