Solidarity March accross Mizoram

Aizawl the 25th July 2023 (Tuesday)

Today, in all the district capitals across the state of Mizoram, people are gathered to express their concern and sympathy on the atrocities committed on the tribal of Manipur as a result of the ethnic clash between the Meitei people and the tribal people. 

The unity and cooperation that the people of Mizoram have shown on the matter is truly profound and extraordinary. The reasons for this solidarity march may be summed up as follows:
1. The ethnic clash between the Meitei and the tribal people of Manipur, which began in early May 2023, has continued for almost a hundred days. We truly sympathize with the plight of those who have suffered. The disrespect shown to our fellow humans has blackened the face of the Indian democracy. We hope that the violation of basic human rights against the weaker sections of the society will be put to an end.
2. We condemn that places of worship and homes have been destroyed and burnt to the ground. India is a secular state where freedom of religion is practiced, thus the fundamental rights of many Indians have been violated by the on-going situation in Manipur. It is a desecration of human rights of the minority group. So far, 359 churches and quarters have been destroyed, 197 villages burnt, 7247 homes destroyed by fire and 41,425 people have been forced to leave the state of Manipur.
3. Two Kuki women were disrespected, made to strip naked in front of the mob, parade the streets naked and later raped. David Thiek was tortured, beheaded, his body mutilated and later burnt. We condemn these atrocious and barbaric acts of the Meitei.
4. The homes and commercial properties of the minor tribal community residing in Imphal have been ravaged and wrecked. These of brutal acts committed against minorities have been criticized and deplored by the leaders of our country in the past.
5. The statuses of tribal employees, working under the Government of Manipur, have also become unstable. This effects the cooperation between the different ethnic groups in the work place. The condition of the MLAs, Ministers, Central Service employees etc need to carefully examined.
6. Many students studying in Manipur cannot continue their studies due to this ethnic conflict. This may have far reaching effects on the lives of the students and even the country as a whole. This matter needs to be given serious consideration.
7. The condition of Manipur has tarnished the face of the Indian Democracy, the biggest democracy in the world. Law and order needs to be maintained so that justice may be served for all. It is pertinent that the problem of ethnic clash in Manipur may be resolved as soon as possible. The NGOCC appeals to the Central Government and Government of Manipur to take necessary action to secure peace between the Meitei and our brethren Zo-ethnic people.

Issued by : NGO Co-Ordination Committee, Mizoram.

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