Mizoram Governor hlui Vakkom B Purushothaman boral

Aizawl | July 31, 2023:  Mizoram Governor hlui Shri Vakkom B.Purushothaman chu vawiin khan kum 95 mi niin a boral.

Kum 2011 atanga 2014 chhunga Mizoram Governor hna lo chelh tawh Shri Vakkom B.Purushothaman chu vawiin khan a boral.

Mizoram Governor, Dr Hari Babu Kambhampati chuan Mizoram Governor hlui chanchin thin thu a hriat veleh Governor hlui hi a ui thu sawiin a kalsan tak a chhungte a tawrhpui tih  a Twitter Handle kaltlangin a Tweet.

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