Meitei pa emaw tih vangin Lunglei College zirtirtu nun derthawngah awm!

Aizawl | July 27, 2023:  Hriatsual palh vangin Lunglei College zirtirtu Lalthangalina chu a nun hlauhawmah a awm mek niin thudawnna chuan a tarlang.

Lunglei Govt. College Zoology Deptt a Associate Professor Lalthangliana chu a fate admission tia Delhi-a cham mek chu David Thiek thattu ni ngeia hriat Meitei pa emaw tia a chetla lai video thehdarh a nih avangin a nun hlauhthawnawmah a awm mek a ni.

Hemi chungchangah hian Mizoram College Teachers Association (MCTA) Lunglei Government College Branch Secretary chuan thuchhuah a siam nghe nghe a ni.

Important: A Case of Mistaken Identity

The man in the picture /video is Pu Lalthangliana, Associate Professor, Zoology Deptt, Lunglei Government College, Lunglei. He's currently in Delhi and has been mistakenly identified as the killer of David Thiek Hmar who was recently beheaded in a gruesome video. 

Kindly help us clarify this unfortunate confusion by circulating this message that he is an innocent Mizo man as his safety could be endangered. 

Mizoram College Teachers Association (MCTA) 
Lunglei Government College Branch
Ph No. 9436147064

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