Manipur kan unaute tawrhna hi a rapthlaka, a pawi kan tiin Mizo zawng zawngte kan rilru a na takzet - NGOCC Chairman & CYMA President

Zohnahthlak Manipur-a awmte tawrhpuina kawngzawh
(Ni 25th July, 2023 @ 12:00noon)

President, Central YMA & Chairman, All NGO CC

Thusawi :

Vawiin a kan unaute thlavang hauh tur leh an tawrhnate tawrhpui tura Mizo mipui lo thawkchhuak zawng zawngte chungah NGO Co-ordination hmingin lawmthu ka sawi a, chibai ka buk vek a che u.

        Manipur kan unaute tawrhna hi a rapthlaka, a pawi kan tiin Mizo zawng zawngte kan rilru a na takzet a, kan thinlung a rum a ni. Manipur sawrkar ten kan unaute a venghim zo lo a, an in leh lo leh an Biak In te halsaka nunna tam takin a tuar te, hmeichhe pawisawilo saruaka sawisak a thah zui an ni te hi hriatthiam har kan ti takzet a ni. Mizo mipuiten enliam harsa kan ti a, kan hachang kan thial mek a, India Sawrkar hian a rang thei ang ber a he buaina hi a chinfel kan phut takzet a ni.

Mizo mipuiten phuba lak kan chak a, kan hachang kan thial takzet a. Chutih mek laia Mizoram Mipuite tharum thawh lova kan awm thei hi a lawmawm kan tiin Mizozia dik tak a lo lang chhuak niin ka hria. Tharum hmanga buaina chinfel hi thil harsa tak a ni a, Sawrkar in he kan unaute buaina hi a chinfel thuai theih nan inpumkhatna tha tak nen tangrual ila, kan hnenah kan Pathian a awm a, a nin min hruai anga hnehna kan chang ngei ang tih hi i ring tlat ang u. Israel fate mei alh leh chhumdinga hruaitu kan Pathian hian vawiin ah hian min hruai ang tih hi i ring tlat ang u. Kohhrante, Pawl hrang hrang leh mimal tinte kan rilru a na a, kan thinrim hi a awm reng a ni. Amaherawhchu, vawiinah hian NGO Co-ordination hmalaknate ngaichang thiam a, pawl mal bil a thuchhuah siam leh hmalak pawp pawp hi a fuh ber lo tih hria a, insum theih nise ka duh takzet a ni.

Vawiinah mizo mipui heti zat kan kalkhawm a, kan ram hruaitu luber, kan Chief Minister te, kan Minister leh MLA te mai bakah Party hrang hrang hruaitu te, Kohhran hruaitute nen a kan tel thei hi a ropui takzet a ni. Mizote kan inpumkhat zia a tilang hle in ka hria. India sawrkar hian keini Zohnahthlak te hi khua leh tui a min ngai ve a nih chuan kan unau Manipur-a awm te buaina hi a rang thei ang bera a chinfel kan phut tlat a ni.

Vawiin ah hian India Sawrkar hian a khua leh tui te ngei sahimna zawnga Mizorama raltlante tanpuina tur Sum, Mizoram sawrkar a la pelo hi hriatthiam har kan ti a, inthliarhranna awm lo a kan unau in leh lo kangral vek hak lai nen a Mizoram rawn raltlante tanpuina tur hi a rang thei angbera pe ngei turin kan phut tlat a ni. NGO ten kan theih ang angin kan tuam hlawm a, kan tih theih sang lo mahse vawiin thlengin silh leh fen tur an nei a, chaw nghei an la awm lote hi Mizoram mipuite tanrualna vang a ni a, a ropui tak zet zet a ni. Kan ei chhung chuan an ei ve ang a, tawm hulna kan neih chuan an hul ve zel ang tih hi NGO te ngaihdan a ni.

Shri Modiji, Hon’ble Prime Minister, I want to ask you a simple question. As the leader of India, the greatest democratic country, why don’t you take steps to address the situation in Manipur? We the Zohnahthlak people, a small populace are living in India peacefully under the aegis of the central government. Our brethren in Manipur are suffering untold atrocities. Their houses are burnt, their places of worship are burnt and desecrated, our sisters are raped and their naked body paraded in a shameful manner. They are being killed indiscriminately. Our suffering is much and we felt in the depth of our hearts for them. Don’t you think they are also Indian citizen, to be protected by Indian laws. I urge you earnestly to protect the Zohnahthlak people in India. Like many flowers bloomed beautifully together in a flower garden, I sincerely request to take major steps so that all the communities in India can bloom and prosper together like different flowers.

A tawp berah chuan, Pathian in hnam ah min siam a, chu hnam tlem te chu khawvel hmun hrang hrangah kan awm ve a, kan awmna hmun leh tlang te dang mahse unau kan nihna hi theihnghilh lovin inpumkhat sauh sauh zel zang u. Kan inpumkhat that phawt chuan he hnam hi khawvel ah hian a la parvul ve ngei ang. Zofate tlang hrang hrang a awm te i tangrual zel ang u, tanrual hi chakna a ni si a.

Mizo hnam dam reng rawh se.
Ka lawm e.



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