LESDE Minister-in DLEO Siaha office building thar a hawng

Siaha | June 13, 2023: Labour, Employment, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship minister Lalchhandama Ralte chuan vawiin khan DLEO Siaha Office building thar a hawng. He building thar hawnna inkhawm hi Pi Angela Zothanpuii, Director LESDE Dept.in a kaihruaia, Pu Reuben T Kompa in welcome address a sawi a, building chungchangah brief report a pe bawk.

Building hawnna inkhawmah thu sawiin, Pu Lalchhandama chuan Labour & Employment Dept. hi Mizoram a Department senior ber pawl te zing a mi a ni nâ in, a langsar lutuk lo va, tunah chuan Skill Development leh Entrepreneurship te dah belh a nih atang hian Department pawimawh tak leh mawhphurhna ngah tak Department a ni chhö mek a ni. Siaha DLEO building thar kan hawng thei tur hi ka lawm hle a, kan Fund pek theih te a bei tham tehlul nen, DLEO Pu Reuben Kompa leh staff te inpekna leh thawhrimna zarah building tha tak kan nei thei hi,an mahni chungah pawh lawmthu ka sawi tak zet a ni, a ti.

Pu Reuben chuan brief report pein, DLEO building hi kum 2012 October ni 31 khan Electric short circuited avangin a lo kang chhe vek tawh a.Kum 2018 khan Special Plan Project hnuai atangin Rs 15. 94 lakh hmuin, building hi sak that hna hi thawh tan a ni a, mahse sak zawh theih ni lo va, tichuan December,2022 khan SEPD atangin Rs.14.40lakh Fund hmuh leh a ni a, sak zawh thei a lo ni ta a ni.DLEO Office building hi Zopa chhiarin chhawng 2 a ni a, chhawng khatna-ah hian Office awmin, a chhawng 2-na hi Model Career Centre atan a hman a ni.

DLEO building hawnna  inkhawmah hian LESDE Dept. Jt.Director hlui Pu K. Valy in hunserh  a hmang a, Dr.JT.Vanlalngheta,Joint Labour Commissioner in lawmthu sawiina in programme hi a khar ta a ni.

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