Mizoram is the happiest state in India, says study.

April 19, 2023: Mizoram has been declared the happiest state in India, as per a study. The research, conducted by Rajesh K Pillania, a professor of strategy at the Management Development Institute in Gurugram, shared several factors that makes the state situated in the North Eastern part of India the happiest in the country.

Pic: Govt Mizo HSS

Mizoram, which is the second state in India to achieve 100 per cent literacy, offers students opportunities for growth even in the most difficult of circumstances, according to a report by the news agency ANI.

The study suggested that Mizoram's happiness index is based on six parameters including family relationships, work-related issues, social issues and philanthropy, religion, Covid-19's effect on happiness and physical and mental health.

"A study of the Government Mizo High School (GMHS) in Aizwal, Mizoram, has had to face many difficulties since his father abandoned his family when he was young. Despite this, he remains optimistic and excels in his studies. He hopes to become a chartered accountant or appear for civil services exams if his first choice does not work out," the report said.

Researchers stated that Mizoram's social structure also contributes to the happiness of its youth. It has been observed that every child in the Mizo community, regardless of gender, starts earning early.

The report added, "No task is considered too small and youths typically find employment around the age of 16 or 17. This is encouraged, and there is no discrimination between girls and boys."

At the high school level, teachers in state regularly meet with students and their parents to address any problems they may be facing. Children feel that they can speak about their problems with their teachers and parents.

As per the report, Mizoram has a huge number of "broken families" but having peers who are facing similar situations like working mothers, financial independence from an early age means children are not left bereft.

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