Zirna Huang | 7 Best Medical Courses After Class 12 (Science Stream)

    Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery are the most wanted courses that students of Biology prefer after their 12th grade. The course would require utmost perseverance and dedication as its duration is about five and a half years. In the last year, the student would get to do an internship for a while for practical application of the theoretical concepts. However, it is not a cake walk to become a doctor. It requires very good grades and you will have to complete with a lot of high scores during the college admission process. Following this up with PG course would add value to your degree and promise you a pleasant career whatsoever.

    Bachelor of Dental Surgery is again a course that goes on for about 5 years. Similar to the pattern of the MBBS course, 1 year is designed specically for the internship. Compared to the MBBS course, it is pretty easy to get into. However, it doesn't provide as promising a career as MBBS. It is advised to take up a PG course after the bachelor's degree.

B. Pharmacy:
    B.Pharmacy course has to deal with chemistry and pharmaceuticals. This degree is essential if you want to be a pharmacist in various countries. This course is of great value not just in India, but also in countries like Australia. Basically, B.Pharm deals with the processes used in making medicines, chemicals etc. The duration of this course is 4 years. A master's degree is available even for this program. You can also work in hospitals as chemists. There are also chances that you get ino the Government drugs department.

Pharm D:
    Pharm.D is sort of similar to the B.Pharmacy program. But the package is much wider in coverage and scope. It is partly B.Pharm and partly M.Pharm and certain elements of MBBS are also included. This is one of the courses that have a long duration. The course goes on for 6 years. This courses carries a heavy value with it, espicially in foreign countries.

B.Sc. Nursing:
    In the medical sector, qualified nurses are in high demand. If you pursue B.Sc.Nursing, you have a lot career scope as a lot of nurses are required in the present scenario. However, there are not as many nursing graduates every year as required. So, the demand hardly matches the supply. A good income and reputation is guranteed after this course. Its duration is about 3 years along. You also have a choice of pursuing a masters' degree. It's generally stereotyped that only women go for this course. However, reality does not favor this assumption, as male candicates are given equal importance.

    BAMS is shor for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. To get into the business of Ayurveda, your roots should be growing from ths course. The course goes on for about five and a half years, wth a year of internship towards the end. The course content is simpler in relation to MBBS and BDS programs. But then, career wise, this course will aid you in reaching great heights. Health tourism has developed a lot over the past few years. People are moving from normal chemical-medicinal treatmenty to Ayurvedic treatment. So your career is all set to soar high.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy:
    The health care sector provides opportunities to a variety of biology graduates and physiotherapy is one of the courses that are preferred. Physiotherapy deals with helping patients recover injuries and other physical injuries that cannot be treated through surgeries. Its also deals partly with rehabilitation. The course goes on for about four and a half years, with about 6 months of internship towards the end. The career is kind of unpredictable as it purely depends on whether you start your own/private hospitals.
    It is essential to chose wisely depending on the skills you possess and what you are good at. Pick your course carefully!

Source: Hillsgate

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