NE state dang rualin Mizoram-ah 'Sit In Protest'

Aizawl | August 17, 2022: Northeast state hrang hrang zirlai pawlte inzawmkhawmna pawl - North East Students Organisation (NESO) meeting-in NE State Wide Protest neih tura a rel angin vawiin chhun dar 12 hian Mizoram-ah pawh MZP huaihawtin Burma raltlante chhawmdawlna tha zawk pek ngiatin 'Sit-in Protest' an nei.

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Sit in Protest hi MZP General Headquarters president Lalnunmawia Paut-in a kaihruai a, NESO Finance Secretary Ricky Lalbiakmawia’n NESO demand hrang hrangte sawiin, Mizoram-in time zone hran a mamawh thu leh India sawrkarah Myanmar raltlante hamthatna  tha zawk pe a, an ram buaina a reh hma chu chenna, ei leh in bakah zirnaah te tanpuina pe tura ngenna thlen a nih thu a sawi.

NESO demand-te chu hengte hi a ni:
1. Northeast pumpui-ah ILP hman leh NRC 1951 update.
2. Dan sakei Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA)1958 hlih ni rawh se
3) The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 hlih ni rawh se
4) Assam Accord a rang lama hman ni rawh se
5) Northeast chhunga state ramri leh International ramria harsatna sutkian ni rawh se.
6) Northeast tan hnam leh culture milin Educational policy duang rawh se. University, technical and vocational institute, medical and engineering colleges, Research centre din belh nise, college leh university ah course dah belh ni rawh se.
7) Economic development - NE region tan Economic development policy tha duang rawh se,
Act East Policy atan NE Region-ah ngei administrative centre dah ni rawh se.
8) Sawrkarin unemployment harsatna sukiang rawh se.
NE special employment Zone puan ni se, Central office-a grade III & IV hna te chu Northeas mipuite tan dah ni rawh se.
9) Special constitutional status - India Contistution-ah NE mipuite tan ram leh ram leilung  hausaknaah ‘special constitutional status’ siam ni rawh se.
10. Northeast tan Time Zone hran neih ni rawh se
11) India sawrkarin Arunachal Pradesh-a Chakma leh Hajong raltlante chungchang chinfel vat ni rawh se.
12. India sawrkarin himna zawnga Myanmar raltlante chenna, ei leh in tur bakah zirna ah dinhmun tha zawk pe rawh se.


NESO's charter of demands given below must be made immediately : -
1) Influx problem
     - Implement ILP to the entire NE region
    - Update NRC, 1951
2) Repeal AFSPA, 1958
3) Repeal CAA
4) Implement Assam Accord immediately. 
5) Solve the inter state boundary as well as International border issues immediately. 
6) Educational policy related to NE region
    - Adopt an educational policy for NE region based on cultural and history of NE region. 
   - Establish more universities, technical and vocational institutes, medical and engineering colleges, Research centres. Introduce more courses to our colleges and universities. 
7) Economic development
      - Formulate a comprehensive policy for Economic development of NE region. 
    - The administrative centre of Act East Policy must be establish in the NE region itself. 
8) Unemployment problem
    - Solve the unemployment problem immediately. 
     - Declare NE special employment Zone. All the grade III & IV of central offices must be reserved for NE people cent percent. 
9) Special constitutional status
     - Provide special constitutional status for NE people with rights over land and natural resources. 
10) Separate time zone
    - Demands for a separate time zone for NE region.
11) Refugee problem
    - Govt should solve the refugee issue of Chakma and Hajong of Arunachal Pradesh and immediately. 
12)Demand the Government of India to look into the issue of people from Myanmar crossing over to NE to escape persecution like provision of food and shelter and other welfare amenities till the situation improves so that they can return back.

ṭha zawk pe tura phûtna/ngiatna protest a ni.

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