Governor's Speech on Mizoram Assembly Golden Jubilee


Pu Lalrinliana Sailo
Hon’ble Speaker, Mizoram Legislative Assembly

Pu Zoramthanga
Hon’ble Chief Minister

Shri Biswajit Daimary
Hon’ble Speaker, Assam Legislative Assembly

Hon’ble Members of this August House
My dear people of Mizoram
       I am extremely proud and privileged to be the Chief Guest at this special session on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly.

       In addition to the fact that the Governor is an integral part of the State Legislature, I am particularly delighted to be in your midst today, as I am myself a former Member of Parliament and former Member of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. Therefore, I highly value and cherish this solemn occasion.

       The history of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly can be traced back to the year 1952, with the formation of the Lushai Hills Autonomous District Council under the Government of Assam. The District Council existed for a period of four terms. With the elevation of Mizoram into a Union Territory, the first Assembly Session was held on 10th May, 1972.

      The first Assembly was composed of thirty three (33) members, out of which thirty (30) were elected and three (3) were nominated. The Legislative Assembly under the Union Territory also witnessed a period of four terms. The Mizoram Legislative Assembly was enlarged to forty (40) members with the achievement of Statehood in 1987. Today, we are fortunate to celebrate 50 years of dignified existence of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly.

      Throughout its rich history, the Mizoram Legislative Assembly has seen a total of 232 members, with 92 members having sadly passed away. We have reached our position today due to the contributions of each and every one of these members.

      There have been 955 sittings from 138 sessions. The House has witnessed 488 Government Bills, out of which 477 Bills have been passed. However, the House is yet to pass a Private Member’s Bills, despite witnessing 5 such Bills through the years. More than 500 Reports have been presented in the House.

      I am delighted to know that various activities have already been successfully undertaken as part of the Celebration, including Discussion Programmes, Youth Parliament, Golden Jubilee Exhibition, Seminar, etc. Further, I am very happy to learn that all former legislators (Ex-MLAs) are enthusiastically involved in these celebrations.

      I am certain that these activities, as well as the remaining planned programmes, will greatly enrich the legacy of this august House.

       The legislature is often called the ‘temple of democracy’. The Legislative Assembly is the embodiment of the aspirations and the ultimate will of the people of the State. Elected representatives debate and discuss policies, formulating laws, which are the foundation for a civilized society.

       Only two months ago, the Hon’ble Vice President of India addressed this very House, and commended the graceful conduct of legislators in Mizoram.

      While noting that the sessions of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly are conducted with utmost discipline, diligence and decorum, Hon’ble Vice President congratulated the Members for setting a high benchmark that other state legislatures and even the Parliament can emulate.

       Mizoram has had a long history of healthy electoral politics and strong democratic values. The enduring success of the historic Peace Accord of 1986 is testament to the will of the people of this State.


      The Memorandum of Settlement signed between the Government of India, the Government of Mizoram and the Mizo National Front, ended two decades of unrest and ushered in a new era of peace and progress. The Peace Accord facilitated the integration of Mizoram into the Union of India, and set the tone for productive co-existence and co-operation with the rest of the country. It became a catalyst for positive change towards the path of development. The State has since successfully held a number of elections under peaceful atmosphere, with the enthusiastic participation of the people.


      Today, Mizoram is known as one of the most peaceful states in the country. Here, I must acknowledge the immense contribution of the civil society, the NGOs, and the religious bodies. I am proud to say that we faithfully adhere to the concept of ‘Unity in Diversity’. Despite the presence of various ethnic and linguistic groups, we have valuable social and communal harmony in Mizoram.

       Mizoram is strategically located between Bangladesh and Myanmar, and has the potential to be the Gateway to South East Asia and beyond. The much-awaited Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project, once completed, will offer limitless opportunities.

      Likewise, the entry of the railway line is expected to be a game-changer in the near future.

      In spite of being a relatively young State, we have performed admirably in certain areas, such as literacy, sports, and a few health indicators such as mortality rates. Our State is also blessed with abundant resources, natural beauty, clean atmosphere, and moderate climate. On top of this, we have a strong and vibrant community life, with a tight-knit society. However, I am sure you will all agree that despite our best efforts, we still have massive untapped potential.

      Here, I would like to share a few areas where I feel we need to push further collectively. For instance, power generation is a sector which I feel must be prioritized. I have been told that Mizoram has huge potential in hydro-electricity. For a small State such as ours, with minimal power consumption, we can certainly become self-sufficient in power generation.

      Health is another sector which requires constant improvement. While commending the Government for various actions taken, I urge that our health infrastructure may be continuously upgraded for the benefit of the people.

      Tourism is also a sector which can grow in leaps and bounds. I appreciate that a number of initiatives are already being undertaken. We have various advantages for the promotion of tourism, including a hospitable society, and an English-speaking population. In all these, I encourage the people of Mizoram, and especially the public leaders, to continue to work tirelessly for economic growth and development.

       It is befitting that our Golden Jubilee Celebration coincides with the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, as we celebrate 75 years of our country’s glorious Independence. 

      Hon’ble Prime Minister has given a clarion call for ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, or ‘Self-Reliant India’. Along the same line, we must aim for a ‘Self-Reliant Mizoram’. The leaders present here have a higher responsibility for the achievement of this objective. Let us renew our efforts, and resolve to work for a better Mizoram, and a stronger India.

       In conclusion, I congratulate the Hon’ble Speaker, Mizoram Legislative Assembly and the Assembly Secretariat for successfully organizing this grand Celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly.

      Once again, I greet all the people of Mizoram on this happy occasion.

       Ka lawm e.

       Jai Hind.

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