Hannah Lalhlanpuii lehkhabu 'When Blackbirds Fly' a chhuak ta!

Aizawl | Feb 16, 2022: Mizo ziaktu hriat hlawh, thalaite ngainat leh ngaihzawn rawn Hannah Lalhlanpuii lehkhabu 'When Blackbirds Fly' amah ngainatute chhiar theih turin tihchhuah a ni ta!

Hannah Lalhlanpuii lehkhabu chhuah nan hian a kutziak hian hripui leng karah kawng thui tak a zawh a, hun rei tak tihchhuah theih lovin a awm a, harsatna tam tak karah a rawn chhuak a ni!

Hannah Lalhlanpuii lehkhabu hi Mizoramin zalenna a suala thanghnih lian zet ram buai a hmachhawn lai leh Aizawl Bomb lai chanchin vel ziahna a ni.

He lehkhabu hi penguin india in an tichhuak a, When Blackbirds Fly (Not Our War series) Amazon ah lei theihin a awm a, Aizawl lehkhabu dawrah pawh hmuh theih a ni thuai dawn.

'When Blackbirds Fly' hi phek 128 a chhah niin, Duckbill (Penguin India) in an chhuah niin, ISBN : 978-0143453376 a ni.

"Life is sweet growing up in Aizawl, with his family and friends, and all the narrator wants is a peaceful life. But the independence movement in Mizoram means that regardless of what he wants, he is drawn inexorably into a world where everyone has to choose where they stand …
Set in the initial stages of the two-decade-long struggle for Mizoram’s independence and against the backdrop of the 1966 bombing of Aizawl, this stunning debut novel is an universal story of how individual dreams and lives are shattered when larger conflicts arise."

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