World Sight Day 2021 hmang

Aizawl | October 14, 2021: Vawiin October ni 14 hi mit khaw hmuh chungchanga inzirtirna leh hemi kawnga hmalaknaa intuaitharna ni  World Sight Day niin he hun hi National Programme for Control of Blindness & Visual Impairment hnuaiah hman a ni.

 Kumin World Sight Day-ah hian District hrang hrangah Eye Surgeon-ten Talk Show te neiin Ophthalmic Assistant-ten School naupang leh kum upate tan Free Eye Screening neih a ni a. Old Age Home-a awmte National Programme for Health Care of the Elderly (NPHCE) nena tangkawpin Eye Screening neih a ni bawk. 

Directorate of Health Services-ah Department Driver, DHS & DHME te tan Free eye screening neih a ni a. District tin Eye OPD-ah Cataract, Glaucoma etc a tam thei ang ber hmuh chhuah tum a ni bawk.  

Kum 2000 atang khan kum tin October thlaa ningani vawihnihna (2ndThursday) hi World Sight Day atâna hman thin a ni a, kumin October ni 14 hi vawi sawm hnih pahnih (22) hmanna tur a ni. Kumin World Sight Day-a thupuichu “Love your eyes” "I mit duat rawh"  tih a ni.

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