Serlui B Lake is located Kolasib district near Bilkhawthlir town. 
It is a perfect weekend destination. Formed with the construction of the dam of the Serlui Hydel Project, the riverine lake extends upriver and meanders through the valley of River Serlui, spreading out into wide pools at many points in the midst of thick forests and coursing between lush-green hills. The 53 km long inundation of the valley can be seen even from the NH-54.

 The Department of Tourism has developed an accommodation infrastructure which is expected to be commissioned shortly. Plans are also being drawn for development of water sport facilities and Eco-Tourism center. The Department of Tourism has also developed a Pisciculture center using the dam as its base.

Serlui B dam, is an earthfill and gravity dam on the Serlui river 12 km fromBilkhawthlir Village near the Kolasib district in the state of Mizoram in India.
Plans were made by the Mizoram Tourism Department to develop tourist infrastructure since the area near the dam is thickly forested with a 53 km scenic lake in the middle of it. The tourist Lodge is Serlui B Dam was inaugurated on 23rd June 2018.The tourist Lodge building is 367.90 sq.m with a plot are of 2198.81 sq.m a ni a, Facilities include Rooms and Dormitories.
Serlui B Dam is also being developed as a pisciculture center with lakhs of fishes released into the dam in 2009. The state Government of Mizoram has received over 45 lakhs as revenue for 5 years.

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