Pukzing Puk ( Pukzing Cave) is located in Pukzing Village. The Village get its name from the cave itself.

Literally "A Cave of Shouting Stone", Pukzing is located near Pukzing village (Pukzing is a village in Mamit district of Mizoram state of India.)  which is kms to the North - West of Aizawl. A spacious cave, it has three chambers of about 4 sq.metre each connected with narrow passages. A legend goes that in the olden days the villagers used to hear evil spirits shouting inside the cave. It is also said that somewhere inside this cave, the legendary character Maurawkela hid the Magical Drum he took away from a troop of monkeys after seeing them conjure fruits by beating it.

- Lalthansanga, Dawrpui Vengthar

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