Delhi Police Hnaruak

Office of the Commissioner of Police, Delhi chuan a hnuaia tarlan ang hian Police hnaruak dil theih te leh dilna thehluh hun chhunga a tarchhuak.

Head Constable(Ministerial) hnaruak mipa tana dil theih 372 leh hmeichhe tana dil theih 182 a awm a. Heng zingah hian Scheduled Tribe(ST) quota  post 53 mipa tan a awm a, hmeichhe tan post 26 a awm a. Unreserved post 209, Economically Weaker section post reserved 55, OBC post reserved 128 leh Schedule Caste tana reserved post 83 a awm bawk a ni. Hnarual dilna hi Online hmang chauha thehluh tur a ni a. Ni 14.10.2019 atangin hnaruak dilna hi Date 13.11.2019(5:00PM) thleng a thehluh theih a. Hrechiang duh tan Delhi Police Website, ah a en theih a ni.

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